Did JYJ’s Kim Jae-joong Undergo Plastic Surgery? Let’s Compare Possible Before and After Pictures!


The Korean Actor and Singer Kim Jae-joong

Kim Jae-joong, also known as Jae-joong, is a South Korean singer, actor, designer, director, and songwriter born on January 26, 1986. Kim Jae-joong is a member of South Korean boy group JYJ and is a former member of boy group TVXQ. Kim Jae-joong was popularly known by his stage name Hero Jae-joong, but now, he uses his actual name Kim Jae-joong for his activities.

Kim Jae-joong’s Life


As informed by his biological mother, Kim Jae-joong was born on February 4 with the name Han Jae-jun, but after his biological mother put him up for adoption, his name and birthday were changed. When Kim Jae-joong was informed several years later that he was adopted, it was a large shock for him. Kim Jae-joong was able to occasionally meet with his biological mother, but his father remained unknown.

Later, on November 21, 2006, a man with the surname Han claimed to be Kim’s biological father. Han filed a lawsuit against Kim’s family as Kim Jae-joong’s legal guardian and accused them of not going through the right procedures before taking custody of Kim Jae-joong. However, Han later dropped the lawsuit in the same year.

Kim Jae-joong’s Music and Acting Career


Kim first debuted in 2003 as a member of the five-member boy group TVXQ, referred to as DBSK in South Korea, under S.M. Entertainment. He debuted as one of the main vocalists and visual of the group. TVXQ gained popularity not only in South Korea but also in Japan and China. Their fan club, Cassiopeia, even set a record in The Guinness Book of Records as “The World’s Largest Fan Club”. In TVXQ, Kim Jae-joong was not only popular for his nice voice and singing ability but also for his looks. He was even nominated in many polls as one of the most handsome singers in South Korea.


In July 2009, three members, Jae-joong, Yoo-chun, and Jun-su, filed a lawsuit against SM Entertainment to terminate their exclusive contracts. Despite the legal battle, the trio still continued group activities. In April 2010, the trio started a new unit called JYJ under the agency C-JeS. In June 2010, SM Entertainment filed a lawsuit against JYJ and C-JeS for lost profits. The lawsuit was dismissed and both agencies came to an agreement to have the contracts voided as asked and to split ways.

In 2013, Kim Jae-joong released his first solo EP with I/MINE. The EP was a big success and topped charts such as Hanteo and Gaon weekly. Outside of South Korea, his first EP also topped charts throughout Asia including Japan, Taiwan, and China. His first full-length album was released in October 2013, and his second album was released in February 2016.

When Kim Jae-joong was still a trainee, he paid for all of his living costs and trainee costs. In order to make money, he often worked as an extra in dramas. He appeared in the drama Taekgukgi as a soldier. In 2009, Kim Jae-joong, along with Han Hyo-joo, starred in the movie Heaven’s Postman. He played as a young man who delivers letters from the living to the dead. This was followed by Kim starring in the Japanese drama Sunao ni Narenakute in 2010. His wonderful performances in dramas allowed him to star in many dramas including Dr. Jin, Protect the Boss, Jackal Is Coming, Spy, Triangle, and Manhole. Kim Jae-joong won the Top Excellent Award, Actor at the 7th Korea Drama Awards in May 2014 for his appearance in the drama Triangle.

Kim Jae-joong also branched out to be an executive director when he participated in directing the Asian leg of JYJ’s 2011 Worldwide Tour and 2011 LG Whisen Rhythmic All Stars.