Find Out More About Comedian Kim Jae-dong: Profile, Shows, Love Life, etc.

Kim Jae-dong

Learn More About The Comedian Kim Jae-dong

Are you familiar with the name Kim Jae-dong? Kim Jae-dong is a comedian in Korea who’s famous for being one of the few “socialtainers” and has received a lot of public support for his social awareness. Not only urging people to vote, but he also invested in the crowdfunded political movie titled 26 Years, joined the demonstration for university tuition fee cuts and a reduction in carbon dioxide emissions, and many others social-related activities. Are you curious about him? In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with all the information about Kim Jae-dong the comedian, so stay tuned!

Profile of Kim Jae-dong

Kim Jae-dong profile

Name: Kim Jae-dong

Date of Birth: January 23rd, 1974 (45 years old)

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 67 kg

Blood type: O

Affiliation: Morning Star (1 person company)

Education: Sungkonghoe University School of Journalism and Broadcasting

Social media: Fan cafe, Twitter

Kim Jae-dong is a South Korean comedian and host of variety and talk shows on television. He is best known as the host of the talk show Healing Camp, Aren’t You Happy, which was aired on SBS. Not only he is active as an entertainer, but he is also actively participating in social activities, such as donations, demonstrations, spreading the word about awareness on social problems, and many others. He’s also known as a vegetarian and an eco-conscious advocate of hiking and biking.

Besides that, he has never shied away from talking about social problems, he’s also connected to political activities in Korea. How is he related to this field? Let’s take a closer look into it!

Kim Jae-dong and Politics

Kim Jae-dong

Kim Jae-dong used to be one of the hosts of the presidential inauguration ceremony of Lee Myung-bak back in 2008. However, after he hosted the funeral memorial for late-president Roh Moo-hyun in 2009, Kim Jae-dong was fired from the quiz show he hosted Star Golden Bell on KBS. The broadcasting station claimed that his dismissal was merely part of the program’s restructuring, but netizens speculated that it had been politically motivated.

The next year, Kim Jae-dong recorded the first episode of his eponymous show the Kim Jae-dong Show on Mnet, but after learning that he would host the one-year anniversary memorial service for Roh Moo-hyun, the company asked the company’s agency to reconsider about his participation in the event. After the agency refused, Mnet delayed the airing of the talk show’s premiere, and eventually, Kim Jae-dong decided to quit the program on principle.

Kim Jae-dong hosting memorial service

In 2012, it was revealed that Kim Jae-dong was among the TV personalities under illegal surveillance by the National Intelligence Service, which caused him to feel fear and anxiety. After he lost his job at the KBS, Kim Jae-dong launched a stand-up show in 2009 at a small Daehak-ro theater called Talk Concerts. He has since held these shows all over Korea and even reached the United States. In these shows, he shared his views on the absurdities of society and politics, mixing funny anecdotes and insightful observations with social criticism.

Not only shows, but he also writes for a newspaper called Kyunghyang Shinmun in Seoul. He has conducted witty interviews with experts in diverse fields of social life, such as politics, economics, society, and culture. Later, these interviews were compiled and made into a book titled Kim Jae-dong Is Coming to Meet You. The profit of the sales of the book was donated by him to underprivileged children with no access to cultural activities. He also published another book titled Kim Jae-dong’s Arms Around, in 2012.

Kim Jae-dong’s Talk to You Show

Kim Jae-dong Talk to You Show

Kim Jae-dong’s Talk to You Show is a talk show where the audience share and communicate their honest stories or problems with the MC and celebrities that appear as guests. The first season of Kim Jae-dong’s Talk to You Show was aired in 2015 on JTBC. In the first season, the stories that were shared in each episode became a hot topic because it featured many relatable and real stories from ordinary citizens.

The second season of the show started airing in 2018. In the second season, Kim Jae-dong was joined by a few celebrity cast members, such as Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, professor Jung Jae-chan, singer-songwriters Coffe Boy and J Rabbit, and Paul Kim. Quite different from the first season, in the second season, the show will focus on the topic of the pursuit of happiness.

Love Life

Kim Jae-dong and Han Ji-min

If you assumed that he has never had a girlfriend, then you are wrong, because he had a girlfriend before! We know this for a fact after watching a program titled What’s Wrong with My Age? where Kim Jae-dong appeared and shared his stories about the breakup with his girlfriend in 2015. He said that he cried a lot after breaking up with the girl he used to share his hobbies with. Another guest that appeared on the show joked that it must be because he’s getting old, which made his sharing session turn into a comedic scene.

Not only that, but he also had a surprising scene where he confessed his love to Han Ji-min back in 2012 in the variety show Running Man. At that time, Kim Jae-dong, who made a special appearance in the show, laid his head on her lap and expressed his affections for her. This act made one of the cast members, Yoo Jae-suk, surprised, but in contrast to this, Han Ji-min responded positively to his affections by patting his head. However, when Kim Jae-dong declared “I love you” to the actress, she responded with laughter as she walked away from him.

Way back in 2010, he was also involved in suspicions of him and Lee Hyori being in a relationship because of their close friendship. However, it turns out that the rumor is not true and right now Lee Hyori is happily married to musician Lee Sang-soon.

That was all the information about Kim Jae-dong. After reading this, what do you think about comedian Kim Jae-dong? Are you interested in his activities and want to find out more about him? Don’t forget to share your thoughts about Kim Jae-dong in the comment section below!