Kim Hyun-joong’s Ex-Girlfriend Refused to Become His Wife? Here Are the Details About His Relationship and Love Life

Kim Hyun-joong love

About Kim Hyun-joong’s Love Life

Kim Hyun-joong is a South Korean singer, actor, dancer, and entertainer. He is a member and the leader of the boy band SS501. He rose as an actor, becoming famous through the 2009 KBS drama Boys Over Flowers. Active as both an actor and a singer in Korea, Kim Hyun-joong’s life always generates public curiosity, especially information related to his love life.

Has Kim Hyun-joong been dating anyone? Let’s find out!

Kim Hyun-joong’s First Love

Kim Hyun-joong first love

During the SBS show Night After Night, Kim Hyun-joong shared the story about how he met his first love.

“I met this girl at a Soondae stew restaurant in 7th grade. I went with my friend to have soondae stew, and found a girl that I really liked. So I went to that restaurant every day for two and a half years… But I actually got to see her only two or three times.”

However, when he became a singer he began to see his long-awaited crush, but they only dated for a little while, before his schedule meant they had to break up.

Who is Kim Hyun-joong’s Ex-Girlfriend?

Kim Hyun-joong and Ms Choi

In 2014, Kim Hyun-joong was sued by a girl called Ms. Choi for domestic violence, even though he had apologized to her, and she retracted the accusation. It was discovered that he had been unfaithful to her (again), however, and they split up (again).

In 2015, Ms. Choi claimed that she was pregnant by the star, and miscarried the child. She demanded he give her 1.6 billion won. She stated that she had no intention of marrying Kim Hyun-joong, and would be the one who would be taking care of the child alone. However, in June 2015, it became clear that she was lying about the whole thing, and the actor filed a lawsuit against her. 

In September 2015, Ms. Choi had a baby and after three months a DNA test was carried out. The result revealed that the baby is Kim Hyun-joong’s child. Ms. Choi still claims damages. According to the latest news about the issue, it turns out that Ms. Choi is actually trying to pull off a fraud against Kim Hyun-joong. In this case, Ms. Choi has already destroyed Kim Hyun-joong’s name and career in the entertainment world.

Kim Hyun-joong’s Relationship Rumor

Kim Hyun-joong - Jung So-min Playful Kiss

During Kim Hyun-joong’s acting in the 2010 MBC drama Playful Kiss, he played a cold-hearted boy with his co-star, Jung So-min, who played a cheerful girl. Jung So-min is a South Korean actress and model. Their great chemistry in the drama made the public curious about their relationship in real life. However, there aren’t news related to them dating until now.

Kim Hyun-joong and Hwang Bo

During the 2008 MBC variety show We Got Married, Kim Hyun-joong was paired up with Hwang Bo and they became a “virtual” married couple in the show. However, after the show ended, the couple, that was well-known as the lettuce couple, didn’t keep in touch which made the public wonder about their real relationship off-camera.

Kim Hyun-joong’s Current Relationship Status

Kim Hyun-joong current relationship status

Kim Hyun-joong’s relationship status is currently single. However, because of the issue with Ms. Choi, it will be hard for Kim Hyun-joong to get close to another girl or have a relationship in the near future.