Find Out More About Kim Hyun-joong’s Concert & Latest EP, New Way

Get To Know Kim Hyun Joong

Let’s meet the handsome actor and singer, Kim Hyun Joong. Most of you are probably familiar with him. Yes, he is an actor who played in the television series Boys Before Flowers and even though he is 33 years old right now, he is still as charismatic as ever. After finishing his military duty, Kim made a comeback with a tour and released an album and an EP. The actor and singer who is a member of the boy band SS501 gave a confirmation that he will arrange a tour, and the tour will be held in Seoul, South Korea in the span of two days. Kim Hyun Joong came back with his tour so, put a smile on your face girls. Today, Channel-Korea will provide you with all the information about Kim Hyun-joong’s concert and his most recent EP New Way. Check it out.

The Concert of Kim Hyun Joong

After finishing his military duty, the singer and also an actor made a concert to mark his comeback for two meaningful days with his fans on the event. This concert also entails meeting with his fans during the event. Kim Hyun Joong successfully held and concluded his two-day solo concert. Kim Hyun Joong’s New Way concert 2019 took place on February 9th and 10th at the Blue Square in Seoul. He opened the concert with his main song of the album New Way, the track from his new album of the same name. After that, he continued to perform his songs “Take My Hand” and “Haze” and he sang the song “Why” from his new album. For a closing song, he chose to sing the song “Wait For Me.”

The Tracklist Of New Way

On February 4th, actor and SS501 member Kim Hyun Joong released a new studio album for his Korean comeback in years and did a concert that spanned over two days. The new album titled New Way was released on February 4th, 2019, the album released online at 6 p.m. KST. Kim Hyun Joong is also the songwriter of some of the songs and also participated in arranging and producing the songs. The main song of the album is “LYON” featuring Park Joon Hyung, a leader of an indie band. There is a total of 11 tracks in this album including the title track “Why” and songs like “Misery” and “Take My Hand.” After he released the album he put the songs in his concert. Here it is, the tracklist of the album New Way:

1. New Way

2. Why

3. Love Song

4. Misery

5. Take My Hand

6. Four Season

7. Astraea

8. So What

9. Paradise

10. Wait For Me

11. Why (instrumental version)

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In the part that follows, we will share a review of the song “Why” with you. This is the first comeback since “Beauty Beauty” was released in 2014. “Why” has a completely different sound to what Kim Hyun Joong was used to release as a solo artist in his earlier works. It is a vocally driven ballad song. I personally didn’t expect this vocal style from him. Sure, I knew he could sing but not in this manner. This song gives off Roy Kim’s vibes. I also like the voice of this artist. He doesn’t nail it perfectly but he is in the vicinity if we were to put all vocalists onto a spectrum of some sort. Since I love RnB, and K-Pop sometimes has RnB vibes, I thought he will choose the RnB genre for his main song, but apparently not. Nevertheless, overall “Why” is a really good ballad song you all guys should listen to. Nowadays it is so hard to find a good ballad song and Kim Hyun Joong brings a ballad song with good and cool vibes.

Latest News Of Kim Hyun Joong

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After holding his concert in February, there is no news about his new or next album. Even though there is a piece of news who said Kim Hyun Joong will do a worldwide concert tour but until now there is no confirmation about the news. But if he makes a new song or releases a new single we will share with you all the information from his social media. But for now, we can still enjoy his music from his last EP New Way and listen to all the singles from the album. Don’t forget to watch his music video and keep in touch with his Instagram. Not just Instagram but also his Twitter so we don’t miss anything about him.

That was all the information about the new album New Way, guys. We also share a review of one of the songs from the album and we hope you like the news about him. You want to know all the up-to-date pieces of information about your favorite singer or actress or actor, or you simply want to know everything about the profile of your favorite K-Pop idol? If your answer is yes, just keep reading Channel-Korea and don’t forget to share your thoughts and write down your comment below because we would love to read all your comments, guys. Thank you for reading, see you in the next article.