Former SS501’s Member Kim Hyun-joong Expresses His Desire to Raise His Baby

After Pregnancy Issue

The trial didn’t stop after the custody portion. Ms. Choi suddenly announced that she wanted to file a 1.6 KWN lawsuit against Kim Hyun-Joong for causing distress during her pregnancies. She stated that Kim Hyun-Joong had her miscarriage pregnancies four times previously. This scandal didn’t come to an end even after Kim Hyun-Joong enlisted in the military, and he wasn’t contacted when his baby was born.

However, after some tiring years fighting with his ex-girlfriend, the accusations against Kim Hyun-Joong were turned against her. The East Seoul District Court ruled Choi to be guilty of fraud and defamation of character. She was fined $4,600 to be paid to Kim Hyun-Joong, which was rather ironic. Her demands were alleviated, and she was sued for a prison term of 1 year and 4 months.

The presiding judge stated that Ms. Choi erased some parts of her chat with Kim Hyun-Joong to make it look like he hurt her. After the complete chat was restored, the judge decided that there was no evidence of harm. She also provided false information to the court about her miscarriages because she was never pregnant before.

Ms. Choi released a sentence of apology in the trial, “I am deeply reflecting on what I did mistakenly, and as a child’s mother, I will become a more mature person.”

After all of this drama, it might be hard for Kim Hyun-Joong to build his fame again. Many fans still support him, but there are also many people still bashing him. He later took a lead role in the drama When Time Stopped as a time traveler. Let’s hope that Kim Hyun-Joong will be strong enough to face the criticism and appreciate his hard work in the entertainment industry without judgment for his past.

Who is Kim Hyun-joong’s Wife?

Yes. Kim Hyun-Joong had a wife before. His wife is Oh Ha-ni a.k.a actress Jung So-min. He also had another wife, Hwang Bo, long before that. Kim Hyun-Joong is got married to Jung So-min in a 2010 drama called ‘Playful Kiss.’ He was also involved in a Reality Show ‘We Got Married’ with Hwang Bo in 2008. Kim Hyun-Joong is single, and until now, there’s no news regarding his marriage.

He has a baby with his ex-girlfriend, causing him to be entangled in several lawsuits with her since 2014. The case was ongoing and was still running until a few months ago this year. The 3rd Criminal of the Supreme Court sentence his girlfriend a fine of 5 million won. She’s found to have filed a civil lawsuit over a false accusation towards Kim Hyun-Joong regarding false abortion, deleting some KakaoTalk’s conversation, and some other things. It leads to defaming Kim Hyun-Joong’s reputation.

After a bad period containing lawsuits and drunk driving accidents, he rises with his new upcoming activities. One of the confirmed activities is his album released last October titled ‘A Bell of Blessing,’ consisting of eleven songs.

Who is Kim Hyun-joong’s Son and Where He is Now?

After filing a lawsuit back in 2014, Ms. Choi reported giving birth to a baby boy in 2015. There’s a magazine to inform that they might be reunited back then, and Ms. Choi was pregnant due to him. While the previous pregnancy in 2014 was considered to be false through circumstantial evidence.

Ms. Choi gave birth to a baby boy in September 2015, and a few months later, Kim Hyun-Joong took a paternity test. It was revealed that Kim Hyun-Joong is the real biological father of Ms. Choi’s baby. Unfortunately, he’s never been seen his baby yet. In 2019, Kim Hyun-Joong was asked about his child topic by the media, and he showed his desire to see and raise his child. He’s being criticized again by netizens over his statement.

In one of the interviews related to his filming activities, some media asked him a question about that. By apologizing to other crews, he answered that he’s in the state of not being able to see his child. So, the media couldn’t know much more about his son and his whereabouts as well.

It’s been one of the scandalous romances in the Korean entertainment industry, which involved one of the famous boy band members back then and even up until the latest news in November 2020 about Kim Hyun-Joong winning over the case. I hope the best for both parties, fans, and any other involved in this case.