Former SS501’s Member Kim Hyun-joong Expresses His Desire to Raise His Baby

The Prince of Romance’s Scandalous Love Life

After gaining fame from romance dramas and his debut as a former member of SS501, Kim Hyun-Joong (born on June 6, 1986) is widely known for being handsome and charming. The phenomenal TV series Boys over Flowers, which aired on KBS2 in 2009, had made Kim Hyun-Joong famous worldwide through his role as the quiet, pretty, romantic, and rich Yoon Ji-hoo. The several years following that drama are being called the golden era for Kim Hyun-Joong because he later starred in other widely popular dramas such as Playful Kiss and Dream High. 

This Prince of Romance was the boy crush of many female fans, but he had many romance stories himself. He was involved in several dating rumors and even sex scandals. One of his hottest scandals was when he was accused of abusing and impregnating his ex-girlfriend, Ms. Choi! What happened?

Accusation Against Kim Hyun-joong from Ms. Choi

Kim Hyun-jong and his ex-girlfriend Ms. Choi began their real-life drama in April 2012 when they met through a mutual acquaintance. Not much was known for 2 years until, in 2014, Ms. Choi revealed that she was assaulted four times by Kim Hyun-Joong, which resulted in broken ribs and a two-week recovery. She brought forward medical records and photos as evidence and claimed that it was habitual violence.

Kim Hyun-Joong was called in by police, admitting to one of the four instances of violence and denied the habitual violence statement. He later published a letter of apology on his official website and made a sincere apology to his ex-girlfriend. Ms. Choi dropped the charges. It was also said that Kim Hyun-Joong paid money to Ms. Choi, potentially bribing her to drop the charges.
After this case, they got back together, Kim Hyun-Joong even held a surprise birthday party for Ms. Choi in November 2014. They went to Jeju Island together for Christmas vacation. Surprisingly, in January 2015, they found out that Ms. Choi was pregnant.

Many people assumed that they broke up in the lawsuit because on February 26th at the Seoul Family Court, they both issued for their child’s custody and support.

Kim Hyun-joong’s Desire to Be a Father

The DNA test confirmed that the baby was 99% of Kim Hyun-Joong’s son. In response to this, Kim Hyun-Joong’s lawyer stated, “The defendant (Kim Hyun Joong) wants to raise the defendant’s child.”

During the trial, both parties fought over the child-rearing expenses and property rights. The justice department stated, “The justice department is also questioning that and is in discussion over it. However, an order has already been made regarding the legal property description, so we hope to specify that that is separate from the problem of the standing to sue.” Their trial continued in April 2015 but became private.

In response to Kim Hyun-Joong’s statement, many people expressed their concerns. Most of them said that Kim Hyun-Joong was shameless for wanting to raise his son.” He got her pregnant, abused her, and threw his ex-girlfriend. Now he wants to raise the child? Are you mad??” said a netizen. “Hyun-Joong is shameless. Poor baby,” added another. “What a shame! What made him think that he deserves to raise his child??” scoffed some.