Kim Hyun-joong’s Latest News and Information That You Need to Know!

Kim Hyun-joong

The Gorgeous Kim Hyun-joong, What’s He up to Now?

Actor and singer Kim Hyun-joong has recently returned to the entertainment world after completing his military service on February 11, 2017. He started his mandatory military service in May 2015 as an active-duty soldier and served for 21 months. So, what has he been up to since discharging? Read below to find out!

Returning to the Small Screen

Kim Hyun-joong

After a long hiatus, actor and singer Kim Hyun-joong will return to acting in dramas. KeyEast, his agency, confirmed that Kim Hyun-joong will be starring in the drama That Time When Time Stops which will be aired on KBS W. The drama is a fantasy romance about a time traveler who meets a woman and finds meaning to life. The drama will have 12 episodes.

Kim Hyun Joong will be playing the lead role named Joon Woo, a person with magical powers whose age and origins are unknown. This will be his first drama in four years since Inspiring Generation (2014) which aired on KBS2. Actress Ahn Ji-hyun is confirmed to be his co-star as the female lead in the drama. She will be playing a 25-year-old landlord who owns a three-story building. The drama will air in the middle of October 2018.

SS501 Reunion?


At the end of 2017, all of the former members of SS501 except Kim Hyung-jun, who was serving in the military, gathered in Japan and discussed the possibility of a reunion. Although nothing is decided yet, the four members were seriously considering making a return as a full group and had a positive outlook on the idea. They went as far as to discuss the practical details of a potential comeback including the release of new music and plans for a concert.

SS501 debuted in 2005 and has not released an album since Destination in May 2010. If the group reunites after Kim Hyung-jun’s military discharge, they will have their first release in nine years. However, because the members are currently affiliated with different agencies, returning as a full group is expected to take a considerable amount of time and planning.

Kim Hyun-joong

Aside from being in the military for 21 months, Kim Hyun-joong was also on hiatus due to many scandals including assault charges, a paternity case, a criminal case, and drunk driving.