Top 5 Kim Hyun-joong’s Appearance In K-Dramas!  

Kim Hyun-joong – When Time Stopped

When Time Stopped is a Korean drama that aired on 2018. The story is about a man who can stop time, who meets a woman who is unaffected by time. The drama’s genre is fantasy-romance and definitely highlighted the human aspect, while keeping its supernatural plot.

The story began with a man named Moon Joon-woo, played by Kim Hyun-joong, who was a seemingly ordinary person, but actually, he had the ability to stop time. His special ability made him lonely and struggling to find his purpose in his life until he met Kim Sun-ah.

Kim Sun-ah was played by actress Ahn Ji-hyun. She owned an apartment building, and owed a large debt to a loan shark, which has put her at risk of losing the apartment she owns.

Their story in this drama is pretty interesting because the plot about fantasy premise of a man being able to stop time while one girl can still move around is intriguing.