Profile of SNSD’s Kim Hyoyeon (Age, Hairstyle, Boyfriend and Facts)

2. Hyoyeon’s Colorful Hairstyle


During the “I Got a Boy” era, Hyoyeon came out with a unicorn (colorful) hairstyle. It’s so stunning and suits her pretty face very well.

3. Hyoyeon’s Short Hair


Hyoyeon cut her hair really short for the first time for SNSD’s comeback in 2015. It’s amazing she suits short hair, too.

4. Hyoyeon’s Long and Wavy Hair


After looking at all of Hyoyeon’s hairstyles, we think that Hyoyeon’s best hairstyle is her long, wavy hair. Don’t you think so? Here, we present you with another picture of Hyoyeon’s long, wavy hair.


So, which of Hyoyeon’s hairstyles do you like the most?

SNSD’s Hyoyeon’s Tongue Piercing


Some celebrities like to have many piercings on their bodies, whether on their ears, navel, or even their tongue. Hyoyeon is one of those celebrities. She has a total of 14 piercings on her ears and navel. From the picture above, we can see her wearing various beautiful and unique earrings that compliment her ears well. At some events, we can also see her piercing on her belly button. But, the rumor of her having a piercing on her tongue is a false rumor. Until now, there is no proof of it.

SNSD’s Hyoyeon’s Boyfriend


Since 2013, there was a rumor regarding Hyoyeon’s boyfriend. Hyoyeon was spotted by the Hong Kong media outlet Apple Daily while walking on the street with Tyler Kwon (he was Gillian Chung’s boyfriend, but now he is Jessica’s boyfriend) and Jay Joonhyung Kim. After that, people started gossiping about Hyoyeon potentially dating Jay Joonhyung Kim, an author, brand marketing CEO, and a mentor for high schools and teens going through a rebellious stage. Hyoyeon went to Thailand and, coincidentally, Jay Joonhyung Kim also went to Thailand at the same time. He even posted a photo of him and his friends which included Hyoyeon.

There were many clues about their relationship, but it was not confirmed until April 2014 when there was a rumor about a girl group member that had been reported to police by a man for violence, and that man turned out to be her ex-boyfriend. On April 10th, 2014, Jay Joonhyung Kim clarified the incident through Star Today. He defended Hyoyeon by saying that it was just an April Fools’ prank, and he was scared Hyoyeon might fall down from the balcony if she lost her footing, and she accidentally hit him when he tried to stop her. So, he called the police to prevent her from falling down. Sadly, it was misreported that he reported Hyoyeon for violence.

Jay Joonhyung Kim also stated that both of them decided to remain as an older brother and younger sister even before that accident happened. He even complimented her by saying Hyoyeon is the nicest, most honest, and most positive person he had ever met. But, a few months after that, people could still see that some of their posts were related to each other, and thus the debate of them still being in relationship emerged. As for now, no one knows whether they are still in a relationship or not, but we always hope for the best, right?

Hyoyeon is a truly nice, humorous, and attractive girl. It is no wonder she is always loved by her fans, colleagues, and she even attracted an ideal man others can only dream about. Now, you can see her other cool side too, right? ^^