Ex-Pentagon and HyunA’s Boyfriend, E’Dawn: Profile, Facts, Re-debut as DAWN

Dating scandal and leaving PENTAGON


On Thursday, August 2nd, 2018, TV Report was the first to reveal that Hyuna and E’Dawn were said to have had an affair for the past few months. At that time, the two were not only under the same management but were also working for a subunit project called Triple H alongside PENTAGON’s member Hui. It was also reported that Hyuna and E’Dawn decided to celebrate their birthday together on June 4th, 2018, where both have birth dates close together.

Hearing this news, Cube Entertainment, as the management, immediately clarified. They immediately denied any love affair between Hyuna and E’Dawn. “Hyuna and E’Dawn are not dating. This is groundless news,” said the representative of Cube Entertainment.

Hyuna and E’Dawn are known to be very close since joining the Triple H subunit. They don’t even hesitate to make physical contact that can invite controversy if it is done by other K-Pop idols. It seems like their two’s contacts are noticeable by fans and Hyuna briefly got critiques for that.

However, the day after Cube Entertainment denied their relationship, Hyuna and E’Dawn privately announced to the public that the two had been dating through an interview with Yeonhap News on August 3rd, 2018.

In the interview, Hyuna and E’Dawn admitted that they were in a relationship. Even more surprising, they had been dating for two years.

“I knew E’Dawn when he was a trainee. We appeared on stage together. Then we started dating in May 2016,” said Hyuna, admitting that she has known E’Dawn as a 24-year-old trainee.

“Our relationship then continues until when we do music together. We are very, very careful. Even though he is not mentioned in the credit, but there are parts of my solo album that E’Dawn helped in detail,” she continued.

“I think admitting this relationship will bring true happiness. I was also initially afraid this decision would affect my members, so I told them first. I apologize to fans and will repay them with my hard work,” added E’Dawn.
HyunA and E’Dawn finally decided to confess to the public for the sake of fans who love them. Both of them didn’t want to lie further to fans who could understand their situation.

After the reveal, it was announced that E’Dawn would be taking a hiatus from the group. He didn’t even take part in PENTAGON’s 7th mini-album Thumbs Up! which was officially issued on September 10th, 2018.

On September 13th, 2018, Cube Entertainment kicked out Hyuna and E’Dawn without any prior notification and discussion with them first. They officially announced that E’Dawn and Hyuna have been kicked out of the agency but the decision is not definitive and a final decision will be made next week.

“Cube Entertainment has decided to remove Hyuna and E’Dawn [from the company],” they said in a statement. “When managing our artists, the company has worked with faith and trust in each other as the main priority. After much discussion, the judgment was made that it is not possible to recover the trust with the two artists Hyuna and E’Dawn, so their removal has been decided,” they added.

Later, it was confirmed that E’Dawn left PENTAGON and Cube on November 14th, 2018.

On November 14th, 2018, Cube Entertainment officially terminated E’Dawn’s exclusive contract and removed him from PENTAGON. “Cube Entertainment and E’Dawn agreed to the termination of the exclusive contract on [November] 14th,” the agency reported.

After the news broke, E’Dawn shared pictures of himself taken from the set. He also changed his Instagram account name from @eeeeedawn to @hyojong_1994, as a symbol that he would be using his real name Kim Hyojong from then on.

E’Dawn followed HyunA’s decision who left Cube Entertainment on October 15th, 2018. After E’Dawn left Cube Entertainment, it seemed that the two didn’t hold back anymore from showing the public their relationship given how Hyuna immediately shared the same pictures of E’Dawn on her Instagram.

It is so good seeing the two enjoy dating publicly.


Solo activity and joining P Nation

After opting out of their former agency, it was firstly reported Hyuna and E’Dawn are planning to join separate agencies.

“From what I heard, they chose to work separately after considering their long-term goals for their careers,” said a source on January 16th, 2019. Reports stated that many agencies are showing interest in signing contracts with Hyuna. Meanwhile, E’Dawn was also in the discussion stage with several overseas agencies according to their plans to actively promote outside Korea.


But in the end, the two decided to officially join P Nation, the agency run by the “Gangnam Style” hit singer PSY. On January 27th, PSY himself announced that Hyuna and E’Dawn had officially joined the agency and uploaded photos of HyunA and E’Dawn signing their contracts.


After PSY officially announced through his Instagram account along with photos of Hyuna and E’Dawn, the names of the three became popular on search sites. PSY, Hyuna, and E’Dawn entered the top five on the Naver search site with PSY in first, Hyuna in third, while E’Dawn in fifth place.


After signing with P Nation, E’Dawn promised to work hard with this new agency and that he would protect Hyuna.

E’Dawn and Hyuna are the second artists to join P Nation, after rapper Jessi who signed a contract in the same year.

On November 5th, 2019, he debuted as a solo artist under P Nation by the stage name DAWN with the track “Money.”