‘Sky Castle’ Actress, Kim Hye-yoon’s Full Profile, Filmography, Dating News

 The Girl Riding a Bulldozer

kim hye yoon

Every little thing that related to Kim Hye-yoon was really important, especially for her fans. Let’s keep up with the latest news from Kim Hye-yoon then!

Kim Hye-yoon was reported to be involved in a movie project titled The Girl Riding a Bulldozer! She will play a character named Goo Hye-young, and she already starts the filming process the past May 2020. It also narrates a story about Hye-young who looking for her father after an unexpected accident.

yesung & kim hye yoon

However, the official release of the movie still soon to be announced as well. Aside of that, Kim Hye-yoon also reportedly to starred The Girl Riding a Bulldozer along with Super Junior’s Yesung! He will play the character of Go Yoo-suk, a detective who’s in charge of Hye-young’s father case as well.

It’s a wrap for Kim Hye-yoon’s profile! Currently, she was known as one of the famous and great actresses in South Korea who also proven her acting quality as well. Let’s always supporting Kim Hye-yoon and wait for another her project in the future!

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