‘Sky Castle’ Actress, Kim Hye-yoon’s Full Profile, Filmography, Dating News

kim hye yoon

Let’s Get To Know More About Kim Hye-yoon!

The role of high school student Kang Ye-seo in Sky Castle was becoming popular, especially for her ‘arrogant’ side. Kang Ye-seo was played by actress Kim Hye-yoon who known for her acting career since 2013. Through this article, Channel Korea will give you the full profile of Kim Hye-yoon, so keep on reading!

Full Profile of Kim Hye-yoon

kim hye yoon

Kim Hye-yoon (김혜윤) was born in Seongnam, Gyeonggi Province, South Korea, on November 10, 1996. She’s 23 years old (international age), but in Korean age, she’s 24 years old. She has 160 cm of height, B as her blood type; meanwhile, her zodiac sign was Scorpio. Kim Hye-yoon also scouted under talent agency SidusHQ.

Kim Hye-yoon graduated in 2019 from Kankuk University, which is famous as a famous Korean university and majored in Film Arts. She has also accepted the full scholarship, which made her focused on her education from 2015 until 2018. That’s why she only accepted a small role or cameo appearance during that time.

After her graduation, Kim Hye-yoon has started her acting career again by joined several auditions for a more significant role in K-Dramas; one of them was Sky Castle. And then, she was selected to be involved in that series, and it also made her acting career grew even more! Meanwhile, Kim Hye-yoon also is known for her friendship with actress Kim Hye-joon as well as Jung Hye-sung.

Kim Hye-yoon’s Interesting Facts:

  • She has an Instagram account, @hye_yoon1110
  • Her drinking capacity has about drunk a glass of beer, but if she did well, she was drinking a bottle of Soju
  • When she got drunk, her lousy habit was often sleeping in the toilet
  • Kim Hye-yoon said that she isn’t a “morning person.”
  • Eat something delicious could boost-up her energy

Kim Hye-yoon’s Dramas and Movies

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Kim Hye-yoon has started her acting career since 2013, which almost 7 years. Her acting debut happened through K-Drama Samsaegi as a supporting role. Even though at first she was often got a supporting role or cameo appearance, but her acting skills were amazing as time went by. Kim Hye-yoon has made her name becoming more popular after her role as arrogant student Kang Ye-seo in Sky Castle, then following by her role as the cheerful Eun Dan-oh in Extraordinary You.

Previously, Kim Hye-yoon was revealed about her dilemma and struggle in acting career through SBS’ Night Real Entertainment. She used to felt worried since her other colleagues have been achieved their huge career, meanwhile, she was still stuck in the same place. But thankfully, she was supported by loveable people around her, which made her motivation becoming even bigger as time went by!

Here is the list of Kim Hye-yoon’s filmography:


Kim Hye-yoon’s movie list:

Year Title Role
2013 Hide and Seek Middle school girl
2015 Helious Park Woo-cheol’s sister
2016 The Bacchus Lady Nurse
2017 Memoir of a Murderer Young Maria
2019 Another Child Jung Hyun-joo
2019 The Bad Guys: Reign of Chaos Oh Ji-yeon
2020 Midnight So-jung
TBA The Girl Riding a Bulldozer Goo Hye-young


Kim Hye-yoon’s drama list:

Year Title Role
2013 I Can Hear Your Voice Kim Yeon-jin
2013 The Suspicious Housekeeper Bang Soo-yeon
2014 Bad Guys Oh Ji-yeon
2014 Pride and Prejudice Kang Han-na
2015 Punch Cho Kang-jae’s daughter
2015 Hidden Identity Young Jang Min-joo
2015 A Daughter Just Like You Young Ma Ji-sung
2015 The Return of Hwang Geum-bok Young Hwang Eun-sil
2016 Shopping King Louie Song Yeon-ah


Year Title Role
2016 Legend of the Blue Sea Jang Jin-ok’s daughter
2017 Tunnel Young Kim Young-ja
2017-2018 Man in the Kitchen Jung Soo-ji
2018 Oh, The Mysterious Young Kook Soo-ran
2019 Sky Castle Kang Ye-seo
2019 Extraordinary You Eun Dan-oh

Short Film

Kim Hye-yoon’s short film list:

Year Title Role
2013 Hello Seoul Young Park Mi-ok
2015 Broken Hye-yoon
2015 The Road Not Taken Girl
2016 Ugly Day So-hyun
2017 The Day I Hate to Go to School Lim Eun-jung
2017 Suncheon Memory Yeon-oh
2017 Claw Crane Young Eun-ah
2018 Dawn to Dawn Sun-young
2018 BETTA Kim Jung-hyun

Web Series

Kim Hye-yoon’s web series list:

Year Title Role
2016 Secret Crushes Season 1 Actress
2016 Secret Crushes Season 2 Kim Hye-yoon
2016 Drunkard Shin Ho-jung
2017 Secret Crushes Season 3 Kim Hye-yoon
2017 Supernatural? Shin Ho-jung
2018 Social Story – Tears of Job Seeker Kim Hye-yoon
2019 Secret Crushes Special Edition Kim Hye-yoon


Awards and Nominations

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Kim Hye-yoon was proven that her acting skills were worthy and amazing. No wonder, she has been received a couple of awards, mostly for her appearance in K-Dramas Sky Castle as well as Extraordinary You!

Let’s take a look at Kim Hye-yoon’s awards and nominations list here!

Year Award Category Result
2019 55th Baeksang Arts Awards Best New Actress Won
2019 14th Asia Model Awards Rising Star Award Won
2019 27th Korean Culture and Entertainment Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Drama Won
2019 18th Korea First Brand Awards Rising Star Awards, Actress Won
2019 MBC Drama Awards Best Couple Award (with Rowoon and Lee Jae-wook) Nominated
2019 MBC Drama Awards Best New Actress Won
2019 MBC Drama Awards Excellence Award, Actress in a Wednesday-Thursday Drama Won


Kim Hye-yoon’s Dating News

kim hye yoon

Just like the common K-Pop idol, Kim Hye-yoon also used to be involved in dating news. Moreover, after her role as Eun Dan-oh in Extraordinary You which also starred along with SF9’s Rowoon. Their natural chemistry also leads people to assume that they used to be dating! Even their fans also getting really excited with their togetherness, and often wished that they could be a real couple.

However, Kim Hye-yoon was denied the rumor. She was revealed that there were several comments about their dating news, it also referred to her behind the scene moment with SF9’s Rowoon. Any further, she said that they were acted comfortably around each other since they were of the same age.

extraordinary you
extraordinary you

But still, Kim Hye-yoon and SF9’s Rowoon such good friends for each other. Both of them also show their support and compliments for themselves as well. Even outside their relationship in drama, Kim Hye-yoon and Rowoon also remained professional but friendly at the same time!

Kim Hye-yoon and SF9’s Rowoon also pleased people with their fashion photoshoot together! They appeared in High Cut Magazine with several fashionable outfits, which was quite different from their uniform style in Extraordinary You. They were looking great together and gorgeous as ever!

kim hye yoon & rowoon
kim hye yoon & rowoon
kim hye yoon
sf9 rowoon