Get Closer with Kim Hyanggi: Profile, Age, Height, Movies, and TV Shows

Kim Hyanggi

Korea’s Dakota Fanning, Kim Hyang-gi

Amongst all the talented child actresses and actors in the Korean Entertainment Industry, stands Kim Hyang-gi, known as the Dakota Fanning of Korea. With her cute face and smile, and unquestinably good acting, Kim Hyang-gi has made a name for herself ever since her debut performance in 2006.

Kim Hyang-gi’s Profile

Kim Hyanggi

Name: Kim Hyang-gi (김향기)

Date of Birth: August 9th 2000

Place of Birth: Yongin, Gyeonggi-do, South Korea

Age: 17

Zodiac: Leo

Height: 155cm

Blood Type: A

Debut: 2006

Agency: Namoo Actors

Social Media: Instagram (@kimsmell1)


Kim Hyang-gi started her work in the entertainment industry at the tender age of 6 years old in 2006. She first starred in the Movie Hearty Paws (마음이). She took on the role So-yi, and her appearance in the movie dubbed her as a child prodigy in the acting industry for her heart wrenching acting. In this movie, she also starred with another child actor prodigy, Yoo Seungho.

Dubbed for her amazing acting, Kim Hyang-gi has starred in A-list films and dramas. She mostly takes the main role, such as in the drama The Queen’s Classroom (2013) where she plays Shim Hana, and in the movie Wedding Dress (2010) as Jang Hana. She has also starred in dramas alongside her fellow child actress and best friend, Kim Saeron in the KBS two part drama special, Snowy Road (2015).

Her latest drama was Revenge Note (2017), where she took on the role of Ho Gohee, the main protagonist of the show. In this drama she acts alongside Salomon Park, a rookie actor who is only a year older than her. For the role Ho Gohee, Kim Hyang-gi throws away her trademark short hair and sports a medium hair length. This is the longest length of hair that can be seen on Kim Hyang-gi throughout her entire career.

Kim Hyang-gi not only stars in films and dramas, but has also acted in music videos for many different artists. Her first appearance in a music video was in 2007 for the song “Flying Girl” by Magolpy. Other appearances in music videos include Wheesung’s “Love is Delicious” in 2011, SHINee’s “Green Rain” in 2013 and Infinite’s “Back” in 2014. In the music video for “Back”, Kim Hyang-gi stars as the little sister of Kim Sunggyu, and is a character who has a close relationship with the group’s face Kim Myungsoo, or better known as L.


Not only known for her cute image on and off screen, Kim Hyang-gi is well appreciated for her skills in acting. Throughout her 12 year career, she has received many awards for her hard work in the acting industry. For her work in The Queen’s Classroom, she received an 2nd Apan Star Award, an MBC Drama Award, and an award at the 16th Seoul International Youth Film Festival for Best Young Actress. She was also nominated recently for her role in Along With The Gods: The Two Worlds for 23rd Chunsa Film Art Awards.


  • Kim Hyang-gi has a dimple on her right cheek
  • She is often named the sister of EXO’s D.O, because of the similarities between the two
  • Her first kiss was with her co star Kang Chan Hee in the drama The Queen’s Classroom
  • She actively joins a humanity act with the organization Good Neighbors.

Kim Hyang-gi’s Height

Kim Hyanggi Height

Being a well-known child actor has made Kim Hyang-gi’s name associated with a certain branding of ‘cute’ and ‘innocent’. Thankfully for her, her height supports the image that the Korean society bestowed on her. Having a height of 155 cm makes her the smallest child actress among her peers, such as Kim Sae-ron who has the height of 167 cm, Seo Shin-ae, or even Kim Yoo-jung and Kim So-hyun.

In 2017, Kim Hyang-gi did a photoshoot with fellow child actress, Kim Sae-ron for Magazine M. In this photoshoot, the height difference between the two actresses could obviously be seen.