Kim Heechul Got Married to Puff Guo on MBC’s ‘We Got Married’

The Farewell Comes

After they lived together for quite a long time, it was eventually time for their separation. At the end of the last episode, Heechul had a surprise for her; he told Puff to enter the small theater room. Then the lights went off and stars appeared, and Heechul played memorable videos from during they stay together as a couple, from the first time they met until their last day.

Heechul’s gift made Puff sad and she cried, then Heechul hugged her. Not only that, Puff gave him a birthday cake for his birthday, and a touching, romantic letter. The point of the letter was to express her thanks to him and to ask him not to forget each other. It was a very touching and sad separation.

Meet After ‘We Got Married’

The togetherness of Kim Heechul with their virtual wife on ‘We Got Married-Global Edition’ was over, but they met again on a couple of different occasions. Heechul saw Puff Guo in Taiwan. The pair even had time to enjoy the night atmosphere in Taipei by walking around the city of Taiwan.

Kim Heechul-Puff Guo

In the photo that he uploaded, he wrote “Reunion” in Chinese along with a picture of him and Puff Guo. Heechul was seen displaying a cool expression, embracing his virtual wife who came wearing typical Puff shorts when appearing on We Got Married. In the second photo, they appear to be in Ningxia Market. Even though their variety show had ended,  they still keep in touch and the friendship between them turns out to be ongoing.

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