Kim Heechul Got Married to Puff Guo on MBC’s ‘We Got Married’

Kim Heechul-Puff Guo

Meet The Artists of We Got Married, Kim Heechul and Puff Guo!

We Got Married is a variety show from MBC’s that involves South Korean artists and idols. This variety show pairs the celebrities to show what life would be like if they were married, though some couples were real-life who later married. Kim Heechul, otherwise known as Super Junior’s Heechul, participated in this program in Season 2, when he was paired with Puff Guo, the maknae from the group Dream girls. The show airs weekly, and on every episode the couples are given a mission to be completed based on interviews with the participants to uncover their thoughts and feelings. How was Kim Heechul and Puff Guo’s story on We Got Married? In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about their virtual married life on MBC’s ‘We Got Married’, so stay tuned!

Heechul and Puff Guo’s First Meeting

On their first meeting, Heechul got a mission from the crew that he had to go find his wife,  who was somewhere around the location they used for the movie Winter Sonata, Nami Island. Heechul was given a box that held a rose as a present for his wife, as well as a cellphone he could use to call her. He went directly to the location map on Nami Island to make it easier to find Puff Guo.

He called Puff Guo three times. When he first called her, it just said “hello” and ask her “where are you, babe”. Puff Guo answered in Chinese, and they both pretended not to hear each other clearly. He called her again and asked where she was, but his wife answered: “I’m sitting near a big snowman and I’m wearing a red scarf”. Heechul wasn’t satisfied with the answer, so he kept calling her. Finally, he called back with the same question, however, there’s a funny misunderstanding between them. Puff Guo said that she would send a photo for him, but because of the language barrier between them, Heechul heard “Give me popo” or “Kiss me, Heechul”, which was very funny!.

Heechul eventually found his beloved wife. When he finally spotted her, Puff Guo was looking ahead, and Heechul decided to approach her from behind. He greeted her with “Hello” and gave her the rose, and they laughed and hugged each other for the first time. They were also speaking in Mandarin, which led to an awkward moment.

Newlyweds’ House

After they first met, the couple was given the mission of living together in their newlywed’s house. They had to move to their house and bring their own belongings. Arriving at home, they looked it over and decided they were pleased. Puff Guo had a special name for Heechul, and started calling him ‘Cherry Oppa’ and ‘Selang (wolf)’. When they went to enter the bedroom, Puff Guo asked Heechul to carry her inside with sign language, and after that, Heechul immediately dropped her because he amazed by the bedroom.

At that time, Heechul wanted to sleep and asked for her arms to be his pillow, but Puff Guo felt embarrassed and she asked to go in the living room. In the living room, they tidied up their clothes in the suitcases, then went to the supermarket. When they returned, Heechul gave the code that he wanted to sleep, but, again, Puff Guo was embarrassed and instead wanted to sleep in the living room.

This pair of newlyweds was really unique for the show because they speak different languages and were very awkward to each other. Let’s check out the newlyweds’ activities in their house!

Heechul’s wife Meeting Super Junior Member and SM Artists!

This couple really enjoyed their life,  Puff Guo even met Heechul’s friends and their wives. During the day, Arisa (Key from SHINee’s wife) came into their house. Later that evening the newlyweds put on traditional clothes and went to meet Heechul’s friends at the park, they were enjoying their time!.

The next afternoon, they enjoyed the day and played together with other married couples, such as Arisa and SHINee’s Key. They played in the snow together and did other romantic things!

Couple Wishes

The newlywed couple made their own list of wishes on the blackboard, but each one could only write in their own language. Eventually, Heechul called Zhoumi to help them to read and understand what each other had written.

Zhoumi read the list of Heechul’s wishes. Among them, he wrote that he wanted to picnic together, wash his hair, lie on Puff Guo’s lap when they watched TV in the living room, drink beer together, and go to the nail salon. Puff Guo’s wishes were, she wanted to hug together, asked Heechul not to scold her when she was learning Korean, to give her a good massage, sing a lullaby song when she wants to go to sleep, and for the couple to cook together.

Their list of wishes also has completed day by day, starting with cooking together, until hugging every day.

Wedding Preparation and Ceremony

Kim Heechul-Puff Guo

In episode 4, Heechul and Puff Guo wore the bridal clothes they wanted to do a wedding ceremony. Puff Guo wore a white gown and she asked her husband “Am I pretty?” but Heechul just twisted and didn’t answer. Then, Puff Guo got mad and said that she wasn’t pretty, and the couple laughed.

On the same day, they had a photo shoot in their wedding clothes and the photographer told them to do a cute and romantic pose, but they were both very embarrassed. Their second photoshoot they changed their clothes, and Puff Guo wore a red dress with Chinese nuances and Heechul was in a black suit.

They were told they had to do a kiss pose and they were shocked. They tried the pose, and finally, they managed a real kiss and Heechul’s lips had clear evidence of Puff Guo’s lipstick. This also embarrassed them both, but they both just tried to look natural, like nothing happened.

Breakthrough Communication Barrier

The couple was communicating using their respective languages, Chinese and Korean, and sometimes they used English, too. Even so, they still often had to resort to sign language or gestures when they still couldn’t understand each other. Because of the language barrier, sometimes what they meant wasn’t the same thing that the other person thought they were trying to say. As a result, Heechul asked Zhoumi to translate what was said or written by his wife. Besides Zhoumi, Miss A’s Jia visited their house and helped them, too. Jia helped them communicate with each other, and also when they were seeing Heechul’s friends.

Cute and Funny Moments!