Get to Know Super Junior Member Kim Heechul: Profile, Girlfriend, Plastic Surgery, etc

Kim Heechul

Learn More About Kim Heechul

The name Kim Heechul is a name that is well known throughout the Korean Entertainment Industry. Young and old fans throughout the generation have known this member of the boygroup Super Junior from his appearances on many variety shows, dramas, and cameos in movies. Both his variety personality and musical ability have made him a respected sunbae in the entertainment industry.

Kim Heechul’s Profile

Name: Kim Heechul (김희철)

English Name: Casey Kim

Birth date: July 10th 1983

Birth place: Hoengseong, Gangwon, South Korea

Zodiac: Cancer

Blood Type: AB

Height: 179 cm

Weight: 60 kg

Education: Sang Ji Young University (graduated in 2008), Computer Data Analyst major, English minor

Nickname: Heenim (희님), Cinderella, Lady HeeHee, Flower (꽃), Heebongie Hyung (a name given by Yesung), Heerobbong (part of the Bbong brothers with Donghae and U-Know Yunho)

Debut: 2006

Position: Vocalist, Rapper, Lead Dancer

Family: Sister, Kim Heejin

Favorite Colour: Blood Red

Social Media: Instagram (@kimheenim)

Kim Heechul’s Childhood and Predebut

Kim Heechul was born in Hoengseong, Gangwon, South Korea on July 10th 1983. His family consists of his parents, him, and his older sister named Kim Heejin. He was born into a quite well off family, which can be seen by his mother’s possession of a wine store.

In 2002, he surfed the internet to look for openings in entertainment companies and found out that SM Entertainment was holding an open audition. He and his friends decided to quickly come to Seoul to undergo the open Starlight Casting System, but being unfamiliar with the neighborhood, he and his friends got lost and missed the open hours for the audition. However, Heechul stated that the staffs of the audition let him pass when they took one look at his face. Because of this, he was signed under the label SM and became an official trainee within the entertainment company. He was trained in the areas of singing, acting, dancing, and other performing talents such as hosting and modeling.

Before his official debut in 2006, he was put in a four member group with Jung Yunho, Kim Jaejoong, and Kangin called “Four Seasons”. The group was a group based on the different seasons in a year and he was dubbed as “winter”. Unfortunately this group never saw the light because Jung Yunho and Kim Jaejoong debuted in the 2003 group TVXQ. He was also preparing to debut with TRAX as a main vocalist, but because he had frequent clashes with the person in charge at SM, he abandoned his debut with TRAX and went back to Gangwon Province. He was later persuaded to come back to SM by his close friends, TRAX’s Jungmo and Jay, TVXQ’s Yungho and fellow band member Donghae.

Kim Heechul’s Pretty Sister, Kim Heejin


Being exposed to the entertainment industry ever since his youth has made his family members known to the world. This also includes Heechul’s older sister, or noona in Korean, Kim Heejin to be exposed to the Korean Entertainment Industry.

Kim Heechul expressed on the broadcast of TvN’s Life Bar, that his sister was a bit reluctant to let him join SM because she was a big fan of SECHSKIES and Heechul joining SM meant that he would be joining with Sechs Kies’ all time rival, H.O.T. He expressed that his sister was a big fan of SECHSKIES, and learned facts about the band and fellow labelmate Fin.K.L through his sister.

In 2015, his sister held a wedding, and Heechul made fellow bandmates Leeteuk and Kangin host Heejin’s wedding, and also made Donghae and Eunhyuk perform with him for his sister. The sweet gesture done by Heechul made Heejin cry during the wedding. Afterwards, she posted a selca (self portrait) on her instagram (@kimheejin331), and a caption expressing her gratitude towards her brother. She is now a mother of two kids and often posts pictures and videos of her kids on her Instagram.