Get to Know Super Junior Member Kim Heechul: Profile, Girlfriend, Plastic Surgery, etc

Car Accident and Aftermath

On August 10th 2006, Kim Heechul was involved in a car accident while on his way back to Seoul after attending the funeral of fellow Super Junior member Donghae’s dad. The accident was caused by malfunctioning tires, thus making him unable to swerve lanes. The accident caused him to have fractures in five places on his left leg, including his femur, knee, and ankle which are important parts of the legs for dancing. This fracture caused him to lie down on the operation table for ten hours.

Because of his accident, Heechul had to stop all his activities for 12 weeks and was able to get out of the hospital on September 13th 2006. After his release he still received out-patient care. In total, Heechul received three surgeries to remove all the iron rods from his leg.

Heechul was fortunately able to go back to performing in 2007. In late April and May of 2007, he was once again able to perform Super Junior’s strenuous dance routines. But recently, on SBS’ Kim Young Chul’s Power FM, he expressed that it was hard for him to go through the promotion for “Sorry Sorry”, and since then on there had been talks of him not performing at all.

In 2018, Heechul opted to sit out of the “Black Suit” and “Lo Siento” promotion. He said that he would rather not do it than do it halfway. He expresses his apology to the members, but felt that if he strained his legs, he would worry his fans.

Kim Heechul’s Ideal Type and Girlfriend


Being one of the most successful artist in the industry, it’s only natural that the public has taken an interest in the bachelor’s love life. He has expressed before that his ideal type is someone who wear skirts, cooks well, looks good with their hair tied back, and has single eyelids. Personality wise, he wishes for a girl who can adjust to his short-temperedness, and can compensate both his sensitivity and playfulness.

Although he expresses that he likes a lot of girl group members such as Twice’s Momo, Gugudan’s Mina, GFriend’s Yeri and Lovelyz’s Kei, his ideal girl stays the same. Throughout his career he has stated many times that  Wonder Girl’s Ahn Sohee is his ideal type. He even brought a picture of her to the military! He expressed that in the harsh environment of the entertainment industry, Sohee is like an oasis to him.

Starring on lots of variety shows has made Heechul into quite the ladies’ man. Throughout his career, he has made lots of female artist acquaintances be it his juniors, peers, or even seniors. Until now, he is close to GFriend’s Yerin, AOA’s Seolhyun, Girl Generation’s Taeyon, Lee Da Hae, EXID’s Hani, Red Velvet’s Yeri, Song Ji Hyo, Im Soo Hyang, BoA, Son Dam Bi, Shim Eun Kyung and Sulli. Despite this, his close relationships never turned into a scandal and because of this, he became one of the recommended male artists by CEO to get close to.

Similar to the state of relationships he had with female celebrities, his personal love life is quite calm, although there are a few pieces of news surfacing here and there. He was rumoured to be in a relationship with a model named IVY and even SNSD’s Taeyon. He was also once caught holding hands with a girl named Yerin, although it was proven that she wasn’t his girlfriend, but a co-actor from one of his projects. There were a lot of things that Heechul disclosed about his ex or current girlfriends, such as he once dated a girl who did the same broadcast as he did.

Fun Facts About Kim Heechul

  • Throughout his career, he has starred in 4 films, 12 dramas, 36 TV shows, 1 musical, and hosted 4 radio shows. He also hosted 17 shows.
  • In his early debut days with Super Junior, he used to look for malicious comments online about his groups and wrote replies defending the group.
  • Due to his pretty face, Heechul was once kicked out of the boys’ restroom. He then went into the girl’s restroom, and no one suspected anything.
  • He is very emotional and is bad tempered.
  • He likes cats more than dogs.
  • He values time and punctuality very much. He doesn’t wait for a person more than 10 minutes.
  • He enlisted in the military between 1 September 2011-30 August 2013.
  • His favorite food is Kimchi Fried Rice (김치벆음밥)
  • He uses banmal (informal Korean) with female celebrities that he doesn’t want to date.
  • Heechul has a very high alcohol tolerance. He is the fourth best member at holding his liquor, after Kangin, Ryeowook and Kyuhyun.
  • Heechul has had his shoulder length wavy hair since his displacement out of the military.
  • In Super Junior, Heechul is close to Hangeng and when Hangeng left SM, he too had thought of leaving SM.
  • Heechul is an atheist, and has different views from his fellow bandmate, Siwon and teases him by calling him ‘Shisus’.