Get to Know Super Junior Member Kim Heechul: Profile, Girlfriend, Plastic Surgery, etc

Heenim of Super Junior


On November 2nd 2005 SM Entertainment debuted a new boygroup named “Super Junior ’05”. Kim Heechul, along with other eleven members, debuted on SBS’ Popular Songs with their debut single “Twins”. In March 2006, SM added a 13th member, Kyuhyun, into the Super Junior lineup and removed the suffix “’05”. On June 6th 2006, SM Entertainment re-branded the group by releasing a CD single entitled “U”. The song charted high and became one of Super Junior’s successful singles before the release of “Sorry Sorry” in 2009.

In 2007, he debuted in a Super Junior subgroup, Super Junior-T, with five other Super Junior members: Leeteuk, Eunhyuk, Kangin, Shindong, and Sungmin. The group brought out a Trot single “Rokuko” on February 23rd 2007, and became the first idol group capitalizing trot music. This sub-unit however was short lived, for they announced their hiatus in 2008.

In 2009, he tried his first solo attempt by releasing a solo single “First Star”. The single was a part of the OST for the drama Loving You a Thousand Times which he also starred in as the character Lee Chul. The song was written by Song Jong-ho and composed by Choi Myung-hoon.

In 2011 he, together with labelmate and long time friend TRAX’s Jungmo, formed a group called M&D, meaning Midnight and Dawn or Miari and Dangae-dong (which are the two’s hometowns). Their debut single, “Close Ur Mouth” was a self produced song by the members themselves. Heechul wrote the lyrics and directed the music video for the song, while Jungmo produced and played the instrumentals for the song.

Well known for his carefree and honest personality, Heechul became one of the faces of Super Junior on variety shows. His popularity rockets from his hilarious variety shows appearances, which shows that an idol can be a well-rounded entertainer. His personality, however, not only gained him fans, but also anti-fans. In his early debut days, his carefree and honest personality were often mistaken for being mannerless. In his early days, Hyung Young, Noh Hong Chul and him were voted as the three most unlikable celebrities.

Throughout his acts in Super Junior, he earned many nicknames. Lady HeeHee was one of the nicknames he obtained. This was embedded into his list of nicknames due to his impersonations of Lady Gaga. He also gained the nicknames Cinderella and Flower for his exceptionally pretty face. Because of this also, he often crossdresses on various occasions. His self proclaimed nickname flower, inspired the individual fans of Heechul to call themselves Petals.

Heechul is also nicknamed Heenim for his many talents, and is for that respected by his members, fans and hoobaes or juniors within the industry. The suffix ‘nim’, usually used to express respect to someone, is added to his name thus making it a nickname of respect. His various talent can be seen by his multiple positions in the group as vocalist, lead dancer and rapper. He has also taken part in writing lyrics not only for Super Junior’s songs but also f(x)’s and Orange Caramel’s.

Appearances on TV Shows

Other than being a full time member of Super Junior, Heechul made his name through his appearance in many television shows and even movies.


Before Heechul debuted with Super Junior on November 2nd 2005, he first appeared in the KBS2 Drama Banolim as Baek Jinwoo. In the same year, he also starred as a leading role in Rainbow Romance. The drama went on until 2006. In 2006, he starred in the drama Bad Family by the broadcasting company SBS as Gong Min, a supporting role in the drama.

Here is a list of the dramas he has starred in throughout his career:

Year Title Role Network Note
2005 Sharp 2 (Season 2) Baek Jinwoo KBS2 Supporting Role
Loveholic Joo Ho KBS2 Minor Role
2005-06 Rainbow Romance Heechul MBC Lead Role
2006 Bad Family Gong Min SBS Supporting Role
2007-08 Golden Bride Kim Young-soo
2009 Tae-hee, Hye-kyo, Ji-hyun Couple breaker MBC Cameo- EP 116
2009-10 Loving You A Thousand Times Lee Chul SBS Supporting Role
2010 I am Legend Madonna’s Band Fan Cameo-EP 15
2011 Melody of Youth Shen Tai-Yi CCTV-1 Supporting Role- Chinese Drama
2013 The Heirs Music Program MC SBS Cameo-EP 4
2014 Flower Grandpa Investigation Unit Park Jungwoo TvN Lead Role
2016 Youth Recipe N/A SBS Lead Role- Web Drama (Unreleased)

Variety and Reality Shows

Heechul Weekly Idol

Well liked for his honest and carefree personality, Heechul is often invited to be a guest star or even to MC variety and reality shows on TV. He started his career as a variety personality in 2007 by MCing at SBS’s weekly music show, substituting for Shinhwa’s Andy. He then became a permanent MC alongside Ku Hye-sun, Jang Geun-seuk, and Song Ji hyo.

In 2018, he has four programs being broadcast and they are: Knowing Bros (JTBC), Life Bar (TvN), My Daughter’s Men (E Channel) and Super Junior’s Super TV .

List of Reality and Variety Shows Heechul has appeared in:

Year Title Role Network Note
2008 To Be Kangin and Heechul Cast with Kangin ETN
8 vs 1 Co-host with Shin Dong yup, Jung Chanwoo, Shim Eun-jin and Sol Bi SBS
2008-09 Good Daddy Daddy
Band of Brothers Cast Mnet
2010 Family Outing (Season 2) Member of The Family SBS EP 12-17
2010-11 Radio Star Host MBC EP 160-162, 165-205
2011 The Night The Memories Shine Bright MC MBC Drama EP 1-5, 8-16, 18-21
Saturday Freedom (Secret) KBS EP 1-15
2013-14 Ssulzun Cast JTBC
2014 We Got Married Global Edition (Season 2) Paired up with Puff Guo (Taiwanese) MBC Every1
Tell Me Your Wish MC- Dressed as Anna MBC September 26th
My Young Tutor Friend Cast with Jeong Jun-ha EP 1-3
2015 The Demand of Luxurious Food Panelist with Jun Hyun-moo TVN EP 1-13
National Singing Contest Panel KBS2 Chuseok Special
Duet Song Festival Celebrity Supporters MBC Pilot 1
MAPS Cast with Simon D, Kwon Yuri, Choi Kang-hee O’live
A Style For You MC KBS
2015-16 All The Way With You (Season 1, 2) Host Zhejiang Television Korean-Chinese Program
2015-17 Weekly Idol (Season 1) Main MC, Special MC MBC Every1 EP 245-270, 275, EP 229, 230, 300
2015-present Knowing Bros Cast JTBC
2016 Code: Secret Room (Season 1) Contestant Eliminated On Round 7
Perhaps Love (Season 3) Paired up with Li Feier (Chinese) Hubei TV Chinese Variety Show
2016-17 Phantom Singer (Season 1) MC JTBC
Singderella Channel A
Secretly Greatly Host MBC
Lipstick Prince Main MC OnStyle
2016-18 Game Show SBS TV
2017 Syndrome Man MC with Kim Gura, Kim Min-jong, Jung Yong-hwa KBS2 Seollal Special
Bragging Room Guest MC with Park Myeong-su Pilot episode part 1,2
Pot Stand Host EP 1, 3, 6, 13
Living Together in Empty Room Cast member with GFriend MBC EP 8-11
Idol School Homeroom Teacher Mnet
2017-18 Perfect On Paper MC JTBC
2017-present Life Bar (Season 2) TvN
My Daughter’s Men (Season 2, 3) E Channel
2018 1% Friendship (Season 1) MC & Cast member KBS2 Ep 1-9, 13, 14