Super Junior’s Kim Heechul Was Involved in a Car Accident and Injured His Leg While Heading Back to Seoul!

Kim Heechul past car accident

Kim Hee-chul’s Car Accidents

Kim Hee-chul is a member of Super Junior and has been currently inactive from stage performances. The reason is due to his late car accident. Additionally, until now, his leg condition remains unstable from his first accident in his early years with Super Junior, and he still has some trauma from the incident. What are all of the car accidents Kim Hee-chul was involved in? Let’s find out!

Kim Hee-chul’s Major Car Accident

Kim Heechul major car accident

On August 10, 2006, Kim Hee-chul was involved in a car accident while heading back to Seoul from Mokpo right after attending Super Junior Dong-hae’s father’s funeral. The main cause of the accident was a tire malfunction while his car attempted to switch lanes. Due to the accident, Kim Hee-chul fractured his left leg in five places, including his femur, knee, and ankle, and went through surgery for 6 hours afterward. Other injuries included a tear in his tongue which required stitches and several minor injuries.

Kim Hee-chul was absent for 12 weeks from Super Junior’s activities. He was released from the hospital on September 13, 2006, but he still continued with medical check-ups and received out-patient care. Kim Hee-chul had his second surgery on October 10, 2006, to remove some of the iron rods in his leg.

During his recovery time, Kim Hee-chul slowly returned to work in late October 2006 in a wheelchair and officially returned to his individual activities in late December 2006. In 2008, the remaining rods in his leg were removed.


Kim Hee-chul’s Minor Car Accidents

Kim Heechul Minor accident

During Super Junior’s visit for Super Show 3 in Singapore on January 28, 2011, Kim Hee-chul and Leeteuk got into a small car accident due to fans’ cars chasing their car and creating a racing scenario between them. The accident involved 7 cars, including 5 cars from fans. Fortunately, both Leeteuk and Kim Hee-chul were fine and went to medical check-ups later in Seoul after their activities.

On April 27, 2017, Kim Hee-chul got into another minor car accident on his way to filming JTBC’s Ask Us Anything. Kim Hee-chul didn’t cancel and assured his parents and fans that he was fine. He went to the hospital for a check-up right after the filming ended.


Kim Hee-chul’s Car Accident Effect

Kim Heechul accident effect

Due to his major car accident, Kim Hee-chul can’t dance properly for any Super Junior dance. That’s the reason why Kim Hee-chul only appears sometimes while the group performs. He decided to promote Super Junior in other ways due to not being able to perform on stage.

Kim Hee-chul enlisted for military service on September 1, 2011, through the Nohn San training facility for a four-week training period. He worked as a public service employee for the Sung Dong district office during his 23-month service. Some netizens looked down on him for his enlistment position without even caring about his accident. Their inconsideration broke his fans’ hearts.