Here Are Facts and Photos of Kim Hee-sun’s Daughter

But, as she is a daughter of a famous couple, she keeps getting the spotlight that may not always be positive since she is still so young. Even Kim Hee-sun herself once said that she is regretting her decision of showing her daughter to the public since some people were criticizing her daughter, saying that she was ugly.

“I had a pure heart when I revealed my daughter, but there are so many negative sayings going, and I’m a bit upset. Just because I’m a celebrity, does my daughter have to get bashed on as well? It was my first time regretting being a celebrity. I even thought of not wanting to live in South Korea. But, my daughter says ‘they are taking photos? Mom must be very pretty’. I was very happy to hear that. Who else would say something like that to me?”

Regarding her looks, she commented, “My husband looks pretty. She looks like her dad. However, sometimes people look at me and then look at her and don’t say anything. Sometimes, there were people who said that she looks ugly. My daughter was getting criticized for what I am. I don’t understand how people can say such things about someone as young as her. It hurts a lot, and I wanted to quit my job so as not to hurt her anymore.”

Despite what people said, as a mother, of course, she loves her daughter a lot. She is always speaking affectionately for her at every broadcast. On the TV Show My Ugly Duckling, she was asked if she ever scolded her daughter, and she answered, “She has her dad’s personality. She was taught to speak in the upper language since she was young. When I forgot to turn off the tap when I was brushing my teeth, she came and turned it off for me.”

Her daughter is also being called as an art prodigy since she is really good at drawing, although she is only 9 years old. Her skill was revealed when her drawing was revealed to the public. Many people who saw her drawing praised her for having such great artistic senses and talent. If you’re wondering what kind of drawing it was, take a look at this photo:

park yeon ah painting

Yup, this is what she was drawing. No wonder people were praising her and even called her an art prodigy. If she really could draw something like this, she really has a talent, don’t you think?

For now, let’s just wait and wish the best future for Park Yeon-ah!