Find Out About Kim Hee-sun’s Husband, Marriage, and Daughter

kim hee sun husband

Just Like Cinderella, Kim Hee-sun Married Her Prince Charming!

Kim Hee-sun is a Korean actress who is famous for her acting career and MC in some variety shows. Kim Hee-sun first appeared as a participant in the Fair Face Beauty Contest in 1992 and succeed to go in the final. Later on, through acting, her name arises and becomes a trend at that time. She got recognized and won the Grand Prize (Daesang) in SBS Drama Awards, offered 7 advertisements, and entered China entertainment industry in collaboration with Jackie Chan in the movie The Myth. She’s part of the starters of Hallyu star.

Like the Queen met the King, Kim Hee-sun married a man who also quite something. Her husband is Park Joo-young, who is chaebol or comes from a rich family in South Korea. Get to know Kim Hee-sun’s husband on this Channel-Korea below! Stay tuned!

Kim Hee-sun’s Husband is Park Joo-young who Comes from South Korea’s Rich Family

Park Joo-young is eventually the good-looking guy who is the second son of the Laksan Group. His father is Park Sung-kwan who has many business sectors in South Korea, including Leshan Construction Development Company and Leshan Entertainment. Park Joo-young was working on trading business and tourism with China also involved in the beauty industry. In the Hanyang period, he was called Song Seung-heon. The sales of her husband’s family reach around 15 billion won which brings his family called chaebol.

How Kim Hee-sun’s First Meet with Her Husband


In May 2007, Kim Hee-sun and her husband first meeting at an event that was attended by both of them. During the meeting, they were interested in each other and went to drink. Her husband was amazed by the way Kim Hee-sun opened the bottle with a spoon without hustle. On the third drink, they kissed, and dramatically Park Jo-young tore his shirt and showed his body goals to her. Such a spontaneous!

Later on, when Kim Hee-sun was invited to the wedding of Park Joo-young’s parents, they officially dated. Their relationship builds in such fun and fast! Moreover, Kim Hee-sun admitted that her in-law treats her like a daughter and likes her a lot when they first meet.

Kim Hee-sun’s Marriage Unexpectedly Soon in Her Peak Career

Kim Hee-sun marriage is also quite soon and rather at her peak career. Not like others, she decided to marry at a young productive age. On October 19, 2007, she tied the knot with Park Joo-young in the Sheraton Grande Walkerhill Hotel in Seoul. The marriage ceremony and the party are blasted and luxurious but also private.

After married, Kim Hee-sun decided to leave the entertainment industry to become a wife and mother. She was off in the industry that makes her name popular for about five years. However, Kim Hee-sun still wrote a book Kim Hee-Happy sun’s Mom Project in 2009. The book is about post-pregnancy weight and childcare. Sounds so productive of her!

Kim Hee-sun Given Birth to a Daughter, Park Yeon-ah

Two years after her marriage, Kim Hee-sun gave birth to her daughter named, Park Yeon-ah. Park Yeoh-ah was born on January 21, 2009. She and her husband are happy to have their daughter not long after their marriage. The public was also waiting for them to reveal their daughter since this couple has beauty and handsome genes, so people got curious.

Kim Hee-sun Regret Revealed Her Daughter After All Hate Comments

With a kind heart, Kim Hee-sun started to reveal her photos with her baby, Park Yeon-ah. She has a genuine heart to expose a bit of her baby to the public, so she comes to events and does covers of magazines too.

She was surprised that her daughter was judged heavily on her appearance. Some people are quite harsh to say hate comments about her baby. They didn’t satisfied with the face of her baby who is different from her beautiful and handsome husband. So, some people misjudged Kim Hee-sun to have plastic surgery. This rumor was become a headline at that time and brought hate judgment to her daughter.

This hate has been circulating on the internet and making her sad. Kim Hee-sun revealed she was upset and regret ever publishing her daughter to the public. Looking at her daughter’s face, it actually looks like the father, and the baby’s face could still change day by day. Some harsh comments and judgments shouldn’t appear.

Kim Hee-sun’s Husband Forbid Her To Have Kiss Scene

Kim Hee-sun was coming back to the entertainment industry six years later, however, her skill is still unbeatable. She was coming back on the drama The Lady in Dignity in 2017 and Room no9 in 2018 which was also successful.

When the couple, Kim Hee-sun and her husband came to the tvN talk show Taxi, her husband revealed that he didn’t want her wife involved in the kiss scenes ever again. This statement marked the reason why Kim Hee-sun wasn’t taking many drama projects. Park Joo-young felt bad if seeing his wife doing romantic scenes on her projects.

That’s all about Kim Hee-sun’s husband, daughter, and marriage. You can also check her Instagram here! What do you think about this couple? Put your comments and share your thoughts below on this Channel-Korea!