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Synopsis of The Myth

The Myth film

The Myth is a love story between Princess Ok-soo and the Qin General, Meng Yi. During The Qin dynasty, general Meng Yi was given the task of escorting the Korean Princess, Ok-soo, back to China to marry the Qin emperor. On the journey, a group of Korean warriors attempt to seize her back, but fail. Meng Yi saves her, and Princess Ok-soo falls in love with Meng Yi and shows her affections for him openly, but Meng Yi honorably rejects her, and successfully completes his mission.

The Myth - Princess Ok-soo and Meng Yi

One day, The Qin emperor becomes critically ill and sends Meng Yi and his soldiers to find the elixir of immortality to save his life. The guards escorting the elixir are ambushed by rebels, on the orders of the treacherous prince and chancellor. Meng Yi hands over the elixir to his deputy, Nangong Yan, before dying in the ensuing battle. Although Nangong Yan manages to bring the elixir to the emperor, the prince and chancellor wanted Nangong Yan and Princess Ok-soo to test the validity of the elixir, and force them to consume the elixir, condemning them to imprisonment in the Qin emperor’s mausoleum for eternity.

The Myth - Kim Hee-sun and Jackie Chan

In the present, an archaeologist named Jack is Meng Yi’s reincarnation, and he often has dreams about his past life. One day, his friend William invites him on a quest to find a rare material that can create a field of zero gravity. They travel to the floating tomb of a Dasar prince in India, where Jack discovers a painting of the princess he has been seeing in his dreams. Jack also learns that during a mission to the Qin Empire, the Dasar prince brought treasures and women as gifts. In return, the Qin emperor offered him one of his concubines and asked him to choose, but then refused when the prince chose his favourite, Princess Ok-soo. Instead, the Qin emperor gave him a painting of Princess Ok-soo and the Qin Star Gem. At the tomb, William removes a strange black rock from a feline statue, and accidentally collapses the zero gravity field holding the tomb up, which results in its destruction. William manages to escape, but Jack leaps off a cliff and falls into a river. He loses consciousness and drifts along with the current until he’s saved by Samantha, an Indian peasant girl. Samantha brings Jack to see her uncle, a Kalaripayattu guru, who tells Jack to take the sword he found and fight with one of his students. During the fight, Jack has a recollection of a duel he had with the Dasar prince in his past life, and briefly recovers his fighting skills from his past life as Meng Yi. Samantha’s uncle enlightens Jack about his past and future, and Jack succeeds in returning home safely. He delivers the sword to the National Museum of China as a national treasure, which angered Professor Koo, the leader of the syndicate that has been funding Jack and William’s treasure hunt.

Princess Ok-soo

After extensive research, Jack and William conclude that the anti-gravity material is a fragment of a meteorite that fell to Earth during the Qin dynasty. They find the location of the Qin emperor’s mausoleum, concealed behind a waterfall. The massive tomb contains the strongest fragment of the meteorite, powerful enough to make the tomb a floating palace. Jack finds Princess Ok-soo and Nangong Yan alive inside the tomb, and they mistake him for Meng Yi. Professor Koo and his men enter and attempt to seize the immortality elixir, leading to an aerial fight between both parties. William accidentally breaks the balance of the field after removing a piece of the meteorite and causes the tomb to collapse on itself, and dies from drowning in mercury. While Jack is escaping from the collapsing tomb, he asks Princess Ok-soo to come with him, but she refuses after realizing he is not Meng Yi, and says she will wait for the real Meng Yi forever, believing he still lives. As Koo nears the elixir, Yan grabs onto him as they fall and presumably perish.

Jack is then seen at home with a published copy of The Myth, a book written by him about his adventure and his experiences which he dedicates to Willia