The Relationship Between Kim Hee-sun and Jackie Chan

Kim Hee-sun and Jackie Chan

Kim Hee-sun and Jackie Chan

Kim Hee-sun is one of the most popular actresses and artists in the Korean Entertainment Industries. Kim Hee-sun met Jackie Chan when they worked together on the movie The Myth in 2005. As Princess Ok-soo, Kim Hee-sun had a starring role, as did Jackie Chan, who played both the Qin Dynasty General, Meng Yi, and character reincarnation, Dr Jack Lee. Playing a couple in the film, the two actors had great chemistry both on- and off-camera. They also sang the movie’s theme song, which caused some buzz, since they were using in both the Chinese and Korean language to do it.

The song, titled Endless Love, is about true love that stays through time. Although there is another version of the song, many people still prefer the original version performed by Jackie Chan and Kim Hee-sun as their favorite. The stars sang the song together several times during Jackie Chan’s charity concerts, “Jackie Chan 2014 Peace & Love & Friendship” and “Jackie Chan Action Movie Week Gala Night 2016”.


How Close are Kim Hee-sun and Jackie Chan?

Jackie Chan and Kim Hee-sun

Since starring together in The Myth, the two performers have become, and stayed, good friends. They each have their own romantic life. Kim Hee-sun married a businessman named Park Joo-Young in 2007, and Jackie Chan married a Taiwanese actress, Joan Lim, in 1982. During an interview Kim Hee-sun did about the movie and her work with Jackie Chan, she shared that the Chinese actor was nice and took good care of her during filming, even ensuring her safety when she was using a wire in a flying scene.

Their friendship remained close. In 2015, Jackie Chan sent a food truck to Kim Hee-sun at the set where she was filming the drama Angry Mom. Kim Hee-sun’s character in Angry Mom, Jo Kang-ja, is a good fighter. Kim Hee-sun gave the director the idea to ask Jackie Chan to do a cameo as her instructor. Unfortunately, Jackie Chan couldn’t make it because of scheduling problems. He sent out a food truck and the K-pop group JJCC from his agency, to help serve the food on his behalf. Chan also sent her a support video.