Meet Kim Gu-ra’s Handsome Son and Talented Rapper MC Gree


Learn More About Kim Gu-ra’s Son, Gree

Gree was born in Incheon, South Korea on November 10th, 1998. His real name is Kim Dong-hyun but he uses Gree as his stage name. His stage name was originally MC Gree but recently he changed it to Gree. Investigating further into his career path, it turns out that he has been active in the industry since a long time ago! He has been active from 2006 up until today. Throughout his career, he has starred in many dramas, such as Cooking Up Romance in 2008, and Golden Rainbow in 2013. He even starred in a movie in 2009, titled White Tuft, Little Beaver. 

Gree started his music career by signing a contract with Brand New Music. In 2016, he released his first single titled “Nineteen” that did well on the music charts, especially among teenagers. The next year, 2017, Gree participated in the rap survival show High School Rapper as a contestant. Did you guys watch it?

Gree’s Father, Kim Gu-ra

Gree is not alone in the Korean entertainment industry. He is following in his father’s footsteps, Kim Gu-ra, who is a famous senior comedian MC in the Korean entertainment industry. If you watch a lot of variety shows you must be familiar with him. However, Gree is in a different field from his father and he is following his dream and passion for music, especially hip-hop, as a rapper.


Gree’s Girlfriend

Around 2015, his agency, Brand New Music, announced that the rapper was in a relationship with a non-celebrity girl. While their relationship bloomed, the media reported that the couple registered their marriage plan. However, this news was denied by Gree himself.

After being together for approximately 3 years, they finally announced their breakup. His agency confirmed the news but refused to reveal the reason behind it due to their privacy. Nevertheless, many people assumed that the reason for the breakup was their different schedules which made it hard for them to keep constant contact. Whatever the reason is, let’s wish for their happiness!



In 2016, Gree released a single titled “Dangerous” under his old stage name, MC Gree. There are two songs which are dangerous themselves, and the other one is “Don’t Talk About Me” where he collaborated with QUAIMO and XQ. Have you listened to it? If you haven’t, hurry and check it out!

After releasing this single, Gree came back to the scene with yet another single which was released in August 2018, titled “DOVES”. Make sure you guys check that one as well!

Social Media

If you want to know more about his personal life, you can go to his Instagram account @youngdoublee. Let’s see his latest post!

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