All About Comedian and TV Personality Kim Gu-ra: Profile, Shows, Scandal, etc.

Personal Life

Kim Gu-ra got married to Lee Shin-jung in 1997. Lee Shin-jung gave birth to their first child on November 10th, 1998, their only son named Kim Dong-hyun, or more familiar with his stage name MC Gree. MC Gree is a South Korean rapper, singer, actor, and television personality signed under Brand New Music.

Unfortunately, after 18 years of marriage, Kim Gu-ra eventually decided to divorce his wife. This was a hard decision for him since they had been together for a long time. All the details about the divorce were explained in his public letter which he released on the afternoon of August 25th, 2015 through his agency Line Entertainment.

He said, “During the past two years and four months when issues within our household grew more problematic, we argued countless times. But as our words became sharper, we hurt each other even more.” He continued, “We have received counseling at the hospital, and last year, we spent time apart for three months. Through these series of events and communication, we came to our senses and decided to end our married relationship, realizing that the gap between us cannot be closed. I concluded that it is best to give my all at being Dong-hyun’s parent. Coming to such a decision, I couldn’t ignore what my mother had to say.”

He also said that Dong-hyun would be staying with him until his adult age because he was still in the second year of high school at the time. He promised to contact his ex-wife whenever possible and Dong-hyun could visit his mother whenever he wants.

Later at the SBS show Healing Camp, he honestly revealed that the problem with his ex-wife was about her debts. He also started to suffer from panic attack disorder and had to be hospitalized. He felt sorry for his son at the time due to the bad situation they were in during those two years.

On July 25th, 2018, at the airing time of MBC’s Radio Star, Kim Gu-ra revealed that he planned to get married again because he didn’t want to be alone. He also said that he took Choi Soo-jong as his role model in marriage. He said, “Choi Soo-jong is my role model. I want to live holy the rest of my life like Choi Soo-jong. I plan to enjoy tea time with a wife every day like hyung-nim.” Well, let’s hope for the best for him and his son.


Sexual Assault In Front of Camera

Recently, there was a video spreading about Kim Gu-ra in an old TV Show. The video was first uploaded by @tuna1can without any further information about the name and the date of the show. People were surprised seeing that video, because Kim Gu-ra seemed like judging some women’s breasts, and even touched them with his fingers.

Netizens were angry and confused because that kind of program could be aired at the time, showing the inappropriate act of Kim Gu-ra.

Comments About Lee Hyori’s Breasts

Before being as active as now, Kim Gu-ra used to host an internet show with fellow comedian Hwang Bong-al around the time between 2001 and 2005. He used to talk freely at the show and some of his statement become a sensation on the internet.

One of the hot topics was the breast surgery rumors of Lee Hyori. At the time, Kim Gu-ra said some inappropriate mocking words about Lee Hyori. Because of this, Kim Gu-ra said that he feels sorry for her and would want to apologize directly if there’s any chance.

In 2013, Lee Hyori and Kim Gu-ra hugged each other in a show titled Hwashin, showing that they have buried the hatchet and made peace with each other.

Harsh Comments in Radio Star

Kim Gu-ra is one of the permanent hosts of MBC’s Radio Star. In this show, he used to talk about some topics with his guests. But, he quite often stated some harsh comments in that show. One of them happened when he talked about the premature baldness of BTOB’s Peniel when the boy group SechKies were in the show as guests.

He said, “Isn’t there an idol who recently said that he had premature baldness even though he was only in his 20s? But I see none of you (SechsKies) suffer from baldness even though you are in your 40s.” Hearing this statement, Melody (the fans of BTOB) got super angry because he mocked their idols.

Because of his harsh statements about certain celebrities, viewers demanded that Kim Gu-ra and the production team release theirs apologizes. Eventually, they did what the viewers demanded.

Comments About Sex Slavery Victims in Japanese Colonial Era

This is one of the biggest controversies involving Kim Gu-ra. In 2012, a webcast record of Kim Gu-ra in 2002, spread out. In the video, he made a series of inappropriate comments about the sex slavery victims in Japanese Colonial era.

“Around 80% of commercial sex workers fight about their human rights with the police. They sat in a rental bus to get to the National Human Rights Commission to protest. Maybe this was the first time they sat in a bus since World War II. I believe the driver is also erected,” he said.

This controversial statement made people angry and mad at him because the issue of sex slavery in South Korea during the Japanese colonial era is a very sensitive topic. The comedian released his official apology and took a hiatus from every show he had been hosting. After a few months, he came back to host a TV show.