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Kim Go-eun’s Romantic Life: Does She Have a Boyfriend?

kim go eun
The South Korean actress is currently single and busy with her acting career. However, she has been in a relationship before. On August 23rd, 2016, HODU&U Entertainment announced that she was in a relationship with Shin Ha-Kyun. The pair developed a close connection as friends and eventually fell in love.
Shin Ha Kyun was 17 years older than Kim Go Eun. Many fans even predicted that they would break up quickly. After only 8 months of being together, the couple surprised fans by announcing their breakup due to busy schedules and no time for each other.
But as much as the reason for their separation remains unclear, rumors had it that it was because of her close connection with Gong Yoo. Gong Yoo starred alongside her in the Goblin. Their agencies denied the rumors. But for now there is no rumor about who she is dating. Many fans assume she single for now.

Kim Go-eun’s Look-alikes: Park So-dam, etc.

kim go eun and park so dam

Kim Go Eun and Park So Dam are the icons of the Korean National University of Arts graduates who are considered to have oriental beauty with deep eyes and similar faces. Both have the same appearance and are often being compared since their debut.

kim go eun and park so dam

Park So Dam got a movie offer and she debuted in 2013 in the movie A Girl. She swept various awards with her acting skills in The Priest. In the KBS drama Beautiful Mind and tvN’s Cinderella and the Four Knights, she got disappointing comments, but she is said to play in Closer and showcases her acting ability.

Kim Go-eun’s Pre-debut Photos

Want the pre-debut photos of Kim Go-eun? Let’s check them out!



kim go eun

Kim Go-eun in high school


kim go eun
kim go eun

Kim Go-eun’s No-makeup Photos

kim so eun

Kim Go Eun was busy talking after being confirmed as the opponent of Lee Min Ho in his new drama THE KING: THE ETERNAL MONARCH. The 28-year-old GOBLIN star is also often the target of haters because she is considered less beautiful, especially when not wearing make-up. No matter the haters’ scathing comments, Kim Go Eun actually uploads her photos with a casual style and also a face without makeup.



kim go eun

Kim Go-eun’s Instagram

She loves to share her daily life with her fans: let’s check out her Instagram.


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