Did Kim Go-eun Undergo Plastic Surgery? Let’s Compare Some Photos!


The Beautiful Kim Go-eun

Kim Go-eun became famous for her role as a high-school student who destined to be a goblin’s bride in the popular Korean drama Goblin: The Lonely and Great God. But her career actually first started rising after her television debut in the cable series Cheese in the Trap, based on the webtoon of the same title. For her role, she won the Baeksang Arts Award for Best New Actress Television for her performance.

Even though she made a successful performance, Kim Go-eun got a lot of criticism for her less-than-ideal visual. Fans defended her, saying she was setting new standards of beauty in Korea. Under pressure from a lot of public critics about her visual, did Kim Go-eun undergo plastic surgery? Let’s find out!

Kim Go-eun Criticize by Netizens for Her Visual


South Korea’s standard of beauty has evolved over the years, where several actresses were named as having the prettiest faces in the nation. Recently, a couple female celebrities were identified as the country’s new beauty icons, namely, Park So-dam and Han Ye-ri.

Kim Go-eun has also joined the list of South Korea’s most beautiful actresses, with her unique features, according to OSEN. That hasn’t stopped her from continuing to receive criticism, though. Her haters have even said that she doesn’t deserve to be in the same film with other top actors because she is ‘ugly’.

The 25-year-old actress recently took down a selfie from her social media after being bashed by haters criticizing her looks. in its place, she uploaded a bare-faced selfie, wearing comfortable clothes, lying on what looks like a hammock, and went for the all-natural look.


According to Korea Portal, the bashers called her ugly, a toad, and too plain. The actress’ fans on the other hand, praised her for her natural and genuine beauty. Kim Go-eun, the fans reportedly said, is in contrast to the gorgeous celebrities who have gone under plastic surgery.

After one bashing incident, Kim Go-eun reportedly accepted her own individuality and spoke of women’s intrinsic beauty. She said that women are beautiful by just existing.

She has now become a defender of women’s beauty, and speaks about keeping a positive mindset over external appearance. Kim Go Eun looked confidently beautiful when she posed for Elle magazine.

It was also reported by AllKpop that, during a photoshoot, the actress said that there is a beauty to every age that is so clear. It is like a stone, the actress went on to say, that is repeatedly cut to make it a shiny jewel. The actress further insinuated that the process women go through as they age is beautiful.

Did Kim Go-eun Undergo Plastic Surgery?


Unlike other stars and K-pop idols who have opted to undergo surgery to add double eyelids, Kim Go-eun’s monolids have been identified as one of the features that made her stand out from other female celebrities. Meanwhile, similar to the “Goblin” actress, Park So Dam was also named as one of Korea’s new standard of beauty.

Kim Go-eun’s popularity has been on the rise. Her unique and natural beauty started creating new standards of beauty in Korea, and despite her monolids and overall natural look, she’s still been accused of having cosmetic surgery done on her eyes to make them wider.

Based on photos from her childhood and early career in the industry, Kim Go-eun always looked cute with her monolids. Nothing much changed about her appearance since those days, either. It’s obvious that she’s never undergone plastic surgery.


Regarding plastic surgery, Kim Go-eun says, “I have absolutely no desire to have plastic surgery. I’m scared of needles. It’s so severe I can’t even get shots in the arm when I’m sick. I can’t get shots for that reason, nor have I ever thought of plastic surgery.”

Kim Go-eun dished about her eyes and cosmetic surgery on the recent airing of KBS’s variety show, “Happy Together”. She revealed that she had actually wanted to undergo surgery in the past. She said, “I wanted to undergo double-eyelid surgery. My friends could make double-eyelids using glue, but my skin wouldn’t stick together, because I had a lot of fat.”

She then also jokingly commented, “I am not a natural beauty, but just natural.”