All About Kim Go-eun’s Latest News and Information That You Need to Know!

Sending Support to Her Friend with a Coffee Truck!

On September 15, surprisingly, Han Ji-min (a South Korean actress) uploaded a picture of a coffee truck and several photos of her with food on her Instagram account. The banners on the truck shouted, “Good luck until the end! From a huge fan of Familiar Wife.”

Han Ji-min wrote the caption, “Huge fan! The best monitoring agent! Starting from the early morning, I’m touched, and we’re fighting on with a lot of strength~ Thank you. Seriously. Really. Honestly.” with the hashtags, “Kim Go Eun,” and “I love you.” She also tagged Kim Go-eun’s Instagram account @ggonekim.

It is so cute that Kim Go-eun literally sent a truck full of food and drinks to support Han Ji-min. Han Ji-min was known for starring in tvN’s show Familiar Wife and recently promoted her upcoming movie Miss Baek which premiered on October 11.

Reunion with Jung Hae-in After Goblin for a New Project

Jung Hae-in (a South Korean actor) was a cameo in Goblin. He played as Tae-hee, Ji Eun-tak’s senior who she had a crush on. Tae-hee even made the goblin jealous. But, Jung Hae-in did not appear long in Goblin.

Now, Jung Hae-in and Kim Go-eun are confirmed to be taking roles in a movie titled Joyful Music Album. They both will play as the main roles. This movie is a romantic melodrama love story between Hyun-woo (Jung Hae-in) and Mi-soo (Kim Go-eun).

In addition, she is also reuniting with Director Jung Ji-woo who worked with her in her debut movie A Muse. The crew started working on the movie on September 1, 2018.

This movie will be released soon in 2019. We have to patiently wait!