All About Kim Go-eun’s Latest News and Information That You Need to Know!

Literally Pissed off with Haters

As a successful young celebrity, she receives a lot of comments, whether good or not. She always puts her best effort in her work, especially in attitude, but there are still some haters spreading bad rumors about her.

In June 2018 while discussing rumors being spread about her, she said that she was so pissed off with all of the hoax rumors. Netizens often accuse her of unreasonable and outrageous things. One day, she was rumored to be using a company credit card for her own expenses. She explained that she has never even seen a company credit card.

Her friend also showed her a chatroom that was spreading a rumor. One of the chatters said that she was acting up at a shooting location. She was so mad because she always maintains her attitude well. She thought it was a kind of curse for her because it has been happening since she debuted.

Back to the Slim Go-eun

In July 2018, Kim Go-eun was seen at the¬†Sunset in my Hometown‘s¬†promotion. She attended the meet and greet event with her beautiful and elegant looks. She also looked skinnier than before. She must have started dieting before the movie’s promotion. This is evidence that Kim Go-eun is always professional in her work.