All About Kim Go-eun’s Latest News and Information That You Need to Know!

Goblin‘s Ji Eun-tak in 2018

Kim Go-eun (born July 2, 1991) is a super famous South Korean actress nowadays. She began her debut in 2012 with the controversial movie A Muse as a high school kid being loved by an old man.

She has only starred in 2 dramas so far, but both were super killer! In early 2016, she starred as the main role in Cheese in the Trap as Hong Seol, a drama which was adapted from a famous Naver webtoon. At the end of 2016 to 2017, she also starred as the main role of Ji Eun-tak in the highest rated drama of Korean cable television history, Guardian: The Lonely and Great God, often called Goblin. 

Now, as a high-rated celebrity nowadays, people must be curious about what she is doing lately, especially after Goblin. Let’s find out below!

Increasing Weight for New Project

Recently, Kim Go-eun took a role in the big screen movie Sunset in My Hometown as Sun-mi, a village girl who was a classmate of Hak-soo, the main character. This is the ninth movie she has starred on.

On May 2018, Sunset in my Hometown‘s teaser was released, and Kim Go-eun looked extremely different from her previous appearance in Goblin. She looked almost bare-faced and a little bit chubby. She revealed that she had to increase her weight by 8 kg for this role. This must have been hard because usually in South Korea, celebrities compete to be the slimmest. She also had to use a Satoori accent, which is one of Korea’s heavy accents.

She also revealed that she was really excited to play a role in this movie because Lee Joon-yik (the movie’s director) was in charge, and her senior in Korea National University of Arts, Park Jung-min, also took a role. She said she admires Jung-min so much because his responsibility and attitude towards work are very impressive.

Whatever she is playing, she is always professional for the role!