Everything You Should Know About the Chemistry Between Kim Dong-wook and Moon Ga-young From ‘Find Me in Your Memory’

Moon Ga-young Shares Her Experience Partnering With Kim Dong-wook

kim dong wook moon ga young

In an interview conducted by Ilgan Sports in May 2020, Moon Ga-young shared how much the drama Find Me in Your Memory meant to her.

Moon Ga-young was asked if she was friends with Kim Dong-wook before the show. She explained, “We met for the first time while working on this drama. He was so shy that it was awkward at first. But, once we got closer, I found that he can be really funny, and he jokes around a lot. I think our chemistry looks good after we became close. He always reacts to me well and guides me.”

“If your partner is a Daesang-winning actor, then why is there anything to worry about?” she stated and shared her feelings about being the girlfriend role with Kim Dong-wook in Find Me in Your Memory. She stated, “I feel reassured. Because I knew that he was a great actor, when I found out that we would be working together, I felt very relieved. I learned a lot from him.”

kim dong wook moon ga young

Many fans were so proud of Moon Ga-young’s acting skills that keep improving. They even shared comments about Moon Ga-young’s latest interview with Ilgan Sports, saying:

[+249,-2] Moon Ga-young I really envy you.

[+195,-18] So lovely and pretty~

[+187,-32] So envy Kim Dongwook.

[+23,-5] I was surprised to see the drama because her diction was so good.
I think it’ll be much prettier if she gains a little weight because she’s way too skinny.
Thank you for the drama.^^!

[+17,-2] Both were good men and women. MBC also admits the chemistry that has not been seen before.

[+14,-4] I never thought people could be so lovely. Thank you for the drama.^^

Kim Dong-wook and Moon Ga-young Became Supportive by Sending Food Trucks to Each Other

kim dong wook moon ga young

In early 2020, Moon Ga-young and Kim Dong-wook were paired in the drama Find Me in Your Memory. The chemistry between Moon Ga-young and Kim Dong-wook immediately reaped a lot of praise.

Moon Ga-young is even still actively using her character’s Instagram account from Find Me in Your Memory, Yeo Ha-jin. Moon Ga-young is apparently still in close contact with Kim Dong-wook.

On April 20, 2021, Moon Ga-young showed her support for Kim Dong-wook on the set of the tvN drama You Are My Spring. Interestingly, Moon Ga-young sent the food truck under the name Yeo Ha-jin. Moon Ga-young even put a sweet message on the banner of the food truck. The beautiful actress also asked the staff and cast to take care of Kim Dong-wook.

kim dong wook moon ga young

“Our anchor-nim can also act now? – Yeo Hajin -,” Moon Ga-young said on the coffee truck banner she sent. “Please take care of Dongwook oppa,” she requested on the stickers of the coffee cups. The coffee truck sent by Moon Ga-young was shared by Kim Dong-wook’s staff.

kim dong wook moon ga young

Previously, Kim Dong-wook also showed his support for Moon Ga-young on the set of True Beauty. Moon Ga-young thanked Kim Dong-wook by calling the handsome actor an anchor-nim or news anchor in reference to his character in Find Me in Your Memory.

Moon Ga-young and Kim Dong-wook are also in the same agency, KeyEast Entertainment. The agency is a subsidiary of SM Entertainment that focuses on overseeing actors and actresses.

Kim Dong-wook Appeared on Moon Ga-young’s Instagram Live

kim dong wook moon ga young

The handsome South Korean actor Kim Dong-wook suddenly appeared when Moon Ga-young was doing a Live on Instagram. This took a lot of people by surprise. The reason is that Moon Ga-young and Kim Dong-wook’s acting competition in Find Me in Your Memory, which aired in 2020, is still etched in the hearts of the audience.

Their acting was so good in the drama, it even made the audience start to ship them and hope that the two of them would become a real couple. Therefore, Kim Dong-wook’s presence on Moon Ga-young’s Instagram Live surprised many fans. The Instagram Live which was held on May 21, 2021, on Moon Ga-young’s personal account was widely discussed in cyberspace.

kim dong wook moon ga young

Kim Dong-wook suddenly showed his handsome face and stood next to Moon Ga-young while she was live. In the live, Kim Dong-wook called Ga-young Ha-jin. It was really fascinating to see the couple from the drama still hanging out together in real life and supporting each other as professionals.

Well, that is all of the information about the relationship and chemistry of Kim Dong-wook and Moon Ga-young after their appearance as the lead roles in the K-drama Find Me in Your Memory in 2020. Even though they are very far apart in age, this couple gets a lot of support from their fans and even hopes that they will have a relationship as a real couple. In the end, let’s continue to support Kim Dong-wook and Moon Ga-young so that their careers will shine even more in the future!

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