Get to Know Kim Ga-yeon, Korean Actress and Owner of eSport Team StarCraft II

Criticized For Posting an Old Photo with Park Min-young

Kim Ga-yeon appeared as a cameo in the drama What’s Wrong With Secretary Kim? After her appearance, she dug up old memories and shared an old photo taken with Park Min-young and Jung Ryeo-won on her Instagram. However, people were upset by her action. They said that she was being “a snake” sharing a photo where she is the only one who looks good out of the three and allegedly without Park Min-young and Jung Ryeo-won’s permission.

Kim Ga-yeon responded to the issue and said that people are going crazy because she posted this old photo, an article was even written about it at the time. Kim Rye-won and Park Min-young gave her permission to share it. It was not a big deal back then and no one said anything about it.
Despite her explanation, people continued to criticize her and commented through her Instagram, “It’s because she uploaded the one where she looks pretty and her hoobaes don’t look too well lol.” “She’s such a snake.” “She’s the only one looking good. The other two are before plastic surgery lol,” and other bad comments were written.

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Kim Ga-yeon regularly uploads photos that show her daily routine trough her personal Instagram.

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2박3일 일정 기억나는건 엄마집 쇼파에 널부러지거나 머 먹거나 ㅋ 아침 일찍 할머니 따라서 하랭.서랭은 셩장 가고.. 점심은 남준이모가 사준 육전 먹고.. 하랭이 잠깐 엄마한테 혼나고! 집에서 쉬다가 마지막 저녁식사를 위해 노대동 카페 보노로 이동. 셩장의 여파로 떡실신하신 하랭몬 모시고 카페에서 잠시 있다가.. 올케언니가 사준 이화원 갈치조림을..냠냠해주시고 다시 카페보노로 와서 후식으로 대패밀크빙수와 진짜진짜 빵이 맛난 허니브레드 먹고 곧 더워죽어도 따뜻한 아메리카노를 마시고.. 배고플 틈이 없뜨아~~ 한거없는데..무지 바쁜 하루 끝. 롤하러 pc방 가려다가 급피곤 배빵빵해서 GG #육전 #갈치조림 #대패밀크빙수 #허니브레드 #빵순이하랭몬이 #거의다먹음 #그냥식빵이아냐 #너무맛있자나ㅜㅜ #먹방스타그램 #친정 #광주 #밥얻어먹기만했어 #더갈곳이많아 #담기회에 #친정은사랑입니다

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Her daughter, Ha-ryeong looks happy swimming with her grandmother and strolling around with her mother.

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