All About Kim Dong-wook: Profile, Bucket List, Movies, and TV Shows

The Singer, Kim Dong-wook

Kim Dong Wook

Kim Dong-wook has showed his singing skills many times, as he has participated in some drama OSTs. You probably know about the drama named You Are Beautiful that starred Park Shin-Hye, Lee Hong-Ki and Jang Geun-Suk. Yep, he sang in it, and his voice is truly beautiful! You can hear his voice here:

He also sang in a 12 part web series called Soul Special. In it, he sang a song with the title 나에게 그대는 (To Me You Are). He is also no stranger to the Musical world, as he played a role in a Korean adapted musical, “Legally Blonde” with Jung Jessica, Lee Honey and Kim Ji-Woo.

Kim Dong Wook Musical

He also appeared in Younha’s “Take Care of My Boyfriend” (2010) and 8Eight “Forget About Love and Sing” (2007) music videos. Here is the MV of Younha:

And here is MV of 8Eight:

Kim Dong-wook once appeared in King of Mask Singer, introducing himself as “Ascending Performer Clown” on 2015. There again, we can see how well he can sing. Check out his performance below:

I mean seriously, just see how shocked they are to see that Kim Dong-wook is capable of singing so well!

His Awards

Kim Dong Wook

It is well known that Kim Dong-wook is a great actor. He has earned several awards for his great acting in some of his dramas and movies. Let’s take a look at what kinds of awards he has been given.

Year Award
2007 Korea Drama Awards: Popularity Award (Coffee Prince)
2009 Chunsa Film Art Awards: Ensemble Acting Award (Take Off cast)
Director’s Cut Awards: Best New Actor (Take Off)
2010 Max Movie Awards: Best New Actor (Take Off)
2018 23rd Chunsa Film Art Awards: Best Supporting Actor (Along with The Gods: The Two Worlds)

Congratulations, Kim Dong-wook!

His Dating Rumors

Kim Dong Wook Scandal

In 2016, Kim Dong-wook got in to a scandal with Goblin‘s star, Kim Go-eun. Both of them were spotted in Cebu, Philippines on a scuba diving club trip. There were reports that said that some people even saw them holding hands.

Kim Go-eun recalled the time when the first time she heard about the scandal, “I went on a tour with my usual skin scuba diving club. We were on a boat getting ready to go when Kim Dong-wook received a call. He went like ‘What, an article?’. Then I thought something bad happened, when actually it was a dating scandal.”

When being asked about them holding hands, she said “We even avoid each other’s fingertips.

Kim Dong-wook agency, Keyeast Entertainment also gave a statement saying “Kim Dong-wook and Kim Go-eun are senior and junior from the same school. They just went to Cebu because of their skin scuba diving club.

His Ideal Woman and View of Marriage

Kim Dong Wook About his ideal type of women, he said that he has no preference when it comes to looks, but he looks at the feeling he gets when he’s with her. She needs to give him some kind of good feeling, and they also need to be compatible and understand each other well. He also mentioned that he has a preference for on-screen lovers, such as wanting to act as Park Min Young’s lover in the future.

As for his views of marriage, it seems that he is not even thinking about it. This can be seen from his act of silence whenever he is asked about that topic.

Well, whatever and whoever he chooses in the future, let’s keep supporting and wait for more good news from him!