All About Kim Dong-wook: Profile, Bucket List, Movies, and TV Shows

Kim Dong Wook

The Sweet Prince: Kim Dong-wook

Who hasn’t watched Coffee Prince? This 2004 drama was a big hit, not only for their romantic comedy story but also for its cast. And one of the cast members that still remains in mind is the cute waiter from Coffee Prince, none other than Kim Dong-wook! Sure, it has been ages since the drama, but looking at him right now, he has still got that look and smile that we all love.

Kim Dong Wook

Kim Dong-wook is loved by many, not only for his character in Coffee Prince, but also for his puppy-like smile. I mean, take a look at that photo. Who can blame them, right? He’s got a smile that no one can help but be charmed by. So, if you want to know more about this sweet prince, let’s go go~!

Kim Dong-wook’s Profile

Kim Dong Wook

Name             : Kim Dong-wook (김동욱)

Date of Birth   : July 29, 1983

Birthplace       : South Korea

University       : Korean National University of Arts

Height            : 175 cm

Blood Type     : B

Star Sign       : Leo

Agency          : Keyeast Entertainment (

His Part in the Acting Industry

Kim Dong Wook

He is first known for Coffee Prince (2007) in which he acted in a supporting role, but an unforgettable one, as a hot-tempered yet outgoing waiter. But before Coffee Prince, he had already acted in student short films and several minor parts. In fact, he started to act in 2001, on a short film called Monitor (2001). Here is a list of his movies so far:

Year Title Role
2003 My Wife is a Gangster 2 Na Nam-ja
2004 Flying Boys Ki-Tae
2006 APT Shin Jung-Soo
No Regret Ga-Ram
2009 Five Senses in The Eros “Believe in The Moment” Han Ji-Woon
Take Off Choi Heong-Cheol
2010 Happy Killers Detective Choi Jung-min
2011 Romantic Heaven Dong Ji-wook
The Cat Jun-seok
Countdown Nalpari (“gnat”)
2012 The Concubine Prince Sung-woon
2017 Along with the Gods: The Two Worlds  Kim Soo-hong


And here are the list of his dramas:

Year Title Role
2007 Coffee Prince Jin Ha-rim
Unstoppable Marriage Wang Sam-baek
2010 Dandelion Family Lee Jae-ha
2015 More Than a Maid Kim Eun-Gi
2017 Radiant Office Seo Hyun

Kim Dong-wook in The Concubine (2012)

The Concubine

The Concubine is a 2012 historical drama directed by Kim Dae-seung. This was set in Joseon Dynasty and is about Hwa Yeon (Jo Yeo-jeong) who became a royal concubine, although she doesn’t want to be. It is also about Kwon-yoo (Kim Min-joon), who is torn between love and revenge, and Prince Sung-woon (Kim Dong-wook) who fell in love with Hwa Yeon despite the fact that there are so many woman who are willing to be with him. Those 3 then formed a dangerous love triangle, struggling with a boundaries of the palace, feelings, and passion.

This movie set a new fame for Kim Dong-wook, as his character drew many people in. According to critics, one of the best performance in The Concubine was how Kim Dong-wook portrayed Prince Sung-woon who slowly losing his sense of judgement and emotional control when facing his obsessive love toward Hwa Yeon. Kim Dong-wook himself said, “While feeling sorry for him, I also found the complexity of the character fascinating. That’s what drew me in.” 

Kim Dong-wook said in an interview that it wasn’t easy at first to understand Prince Seong Woon’s point of view. But then, he started to understand and became one with his character.

I’ve been in an obsessive love. I was young. Isn’t everyone like that in those times? It was so hard, but I couldn’t bring myself to break up. Now I know that it’s not the right way to express my love. Prince Seong Woon however is someone who can’t love properly. He doesn’t even know that his methods are wrong. Prince Seong Woon has never been loved, nor has he loved properly. That’s why he doesn’t know how to be in a happy relationship. The meek Prince Seong Woon starts to express his love, but Hwa Yeon never notices. This is when they start to sink.”

When he was asked, which scene was the most difficult, he answered that everything was hard. “The real thing turned out to be even harder than that”. But he himself thought that this movie is a piece that allowed him to start over in so many different ways. As a result, many people were fascinated with his character and the story which then brought him the best reviews of his career.