Does Kim Dong-jun Have A Girlfriend? Here Are the Details!

Does Kim Dong-jun Have A Girlfriend?

Kim Dong-jun (born February 11, 1992) is a South Korean singer and actor. He first debuted as member of boy-group ZE:A. In addition to his activities as part of ZE:A, he has also established himself as an actor, notably through his participation in various television dramas, such as The Fugitive of Joseon in 2013, Neighborhood Lawyer Jo Deul-ho in 2016, and the most recent one, About Time. He has also been recognized for his good physical condition and his skill at sports. Kim Dong-jun was appointed as a torch bearer at the 17th Asian Incheon Games, in 2014.

With his excellent career and his handsome face, many people are curious about whether he has girlfriend. In this article, Channel-Korea will tell you all about Kim Dong-jun’s relationships and love life!

Kim Dong-jun’s Relationships And Love Life

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Kim Dong-jun is very careful to publicly announce his relationships. The only relationship that had been made known to the public so far, was his relationship with musical actress, Jung Jae-eun.  In March 2018, after a long hiatus without any dating news, a new rumor surfaced about his love life. He was reported to be seen with Go Sung-hee after they met on the variety show Master Key 2.

Jung Jae-eun

In June 2015, Kim Dong-jun was said to have been dating Jung Jae-eun for six months. The stars became very close friends when they both starred in the musical drama “All Shook Up”.

They both spoke up regarding the dating rumors, quickly denying the news that they were a couple. Star Empire Entertainment, Kim Dong-jun’s agency, stated that they are not sure about whether the rumors were true, but that they were currently checking before they released the following official statement:

“While it is true that Kim Dong-jun and Jung Jae-eun became close through the drama musical ‘All Shook Up’,  they are not dating each other. They have been attending the same church, and they kept their close friendship, but they are not in a relationship.”

Responding to Kim Dong-jun’s statement, a representative from Jung Jae-eun’s agency also denied the dating rumors,

“She is just close friends with Kim Dong-jun, and it’s not true that she is dating him. They are simply colleagues.”

According to Sports Today, they became close while shooting the musical, and began then dating early that year. The media also added that Kim Dong-jun received a lot of help from Jung Jae-eun, since he was new to doing musicals. Although Jung Jae-eun is 3 years older than Kim Dong-jun, he took care of her like an oppa (older brother), and they became attracted to each other and began to date. They fell for one another’s charms, and the two posted pictures of themselves in couples’ t-shirts on their Instagram, but just a few moments later, Kim Dong-jun’s account was made unavailable to the public.

Go Sung-hee


In March 2018, Kim Dong-jun came up in another romantic rumor. Kim Dong-jun, who appeared as Oh Man-soo in the 2017 drama series “Black”, and Ko Sung-hee, who portrayed the role of prosecutor Shin Hee Min in SBS’ “While You Were Sleeping”, were reported to have become involved.

According to the reports, they started seeing each other at the beginning of this year and had been in a relationship for three months. According to a report in Naver, the couple met during the SBS variety show “Master Key” in December, and started dating after that. Another source said that they were spotted together in Gangnam, and the public speculated that they were going on a date.

After the rumors spread, Kim Dong-jun’s agency, Major9, denied the rumors linking Kim Dong-jun and Go Sung-hee, saying it wasn’t a relationship, but the two did enjoy a close friendship.

“The rumors about Kim Dong-jun being in a relationship with Go Sung-hee is not true. They’re only co-workers, and close to each other. It was true that they meet after ‘Master Key’, but they only hang out as friends,” stated the representative, as reported from Soompi.

On the other side, Go Sung-hee’s management is still looking into the truth about the dating rumors.

Since the rumors have arisen and been denied by the agency, Kim Dong-jun hasn’t ever seen with Go Sung-hee or any another girl.