Let’s Take a Look at T-ara N4’s Kim Dani Instagram Here!


Kim Dani’s Career with T-ara N4 and Produce 101 Season 1

As we already know, Kim Dani is one of the members of the T-ara sub-unit, T-ara N4, which was formed in 2013 by Core Contents Media. The sub-unit is made up of four members, namely Jiyeon, Hyomin, Eunjung, and the youngest member, Dani. The first single from T-ara N4 was Jeonwon Diary, which is inspired by the Korean drama from the ’80s with the same title. After that, Dani’s name started to become better known and she caught the public’s attention with her ability to sing and dance. In July, 2013, one of the T-ara members, Areum, decided to leave the group to focus on his solo career, and Dani took over Areum’s position in T-ara.

However, the agency initiated Dani with other plans in mind for her. She began to improve her career by participating in the survival program by MNET, Produce 101 Season 1, under MBK Entertainment, with Jung Chae-yeon and Ki Hui-hyeon. During the course of the show, Dani became known as one of the trainees who worked very hard to memorize all the choreography given. Initially, she was placed in class B, but after passing a number of challenges she managed to demonstrate her abilities and was transferred to class A. Later, unfortunately, she was eliminated in 10th episode, ranked 24 out of 35 contestants.

Kim Dani’s Instagram Feeds

Social media accounts are important things to have, especially for Korean idols who use them to communicate with their fans and keep them up to date on all the idol’s activities. Instagram is one of the social media platforms favored by several Korean idols to share their activities, including Dani. She has a long-established Instagram account with the username @kimdanee. Let’s see some of what’s on her Instagram feed. Check this out!


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All from the best💎 #bagandclothesbymom

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The photo uploaded on Instagram on February 16, 2019, shows a photo from Dani’s childhood. She looks adorable in her blue dress and hat, with her tongue stuck out. The post was liked 5,443 times. She wrote the caption with the hashtag #bagandclothesbymom. So cute, right?


This photo, which was uploaded on January 17, 2019, shows Dani looking out to sea. She added the caption “Aquacity. Never water down your growth.” The post also received 2,754 likes.


This photo was uploaded on January 12, 2019, showing Dani enjoying some free time at a cafe, she wrote the caption “Special People.” This post got 4,029 likes.



The photo uploaded on July 26, 2018, shows a polaroid shot of Dani, who looks surprised. Even eating, and with that expression, Dani looks adorable. This post got 6,125 likes.


This photo was uploaded on June 16, 2018, and shows a photo of Dani wearing a white shirt and shows a very sweet smile. She drew several stars around herself, this post got 7,909 likes.


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The photo uploaded on April 29, 2018, shows Dani enjoying her holiday with very bright weather. She looks relaxed and is enjoying the wind in a very beautiful vacation spot. This post got 4,525 likes.

In March, 2018, Kim Dani was rumored to be following the survival program by MNET Produce 48, she immediately gave clarification and denied the rumor, she posted on her Instagram account, writing “There are rumors that I will appear in the ‘Produce 48’ program. But that is not true. I wrote this because I want to give clarification to all of you.”