F.Cuz’s Kim Dae-geon: Profile, Facts, Formber Member of A-Peace, etc.

Debut with F.Cuz


F.CUZ made a comeback after a long time. They released their new mini-album For Century Ultimate Zest on April 27th, 2012, and made a comeback with “No. 1.” The comeback also revealed their new members, Rae-hyun and Dae-geon. It marks the debut of Dae-geon as a member of F.CUZ. They have been continuously promoting in Korea and Japan. They released a digital single titled “꿈꾸는 (Dreaming I)” in August. In April 2013, F.CUZ made a Japanese digital single titled “Hello Again.” They also released their 5th Japanese single titled “Change” in 2013 and continued promoting in Japan for the rest of 2013.




Dae-geon’s Instagram: daegeon_ii

Dae-geon was a supportive brother. He posted a song released by his fellow members, Jinon, Raehyun, and Kan. He said to give a lot of love to the song in the caption. He wrote it with love in the end.

In May, Dae-geon made a cover song with his long-time best friend. This friend is Dae-geon’s friends since he was young and the two have been working together for 12 years. They covered a song by Monday Kiz, Ken titled “To Us Who Have To Endure.”

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새해선물고마워요 잊지않을게요

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Music Video

Online Fan Signing Event


In September 2020, Dae-geon celebrated his birthday with his close acquaintances. He turned 31 (30 years – international age) in 2020. He thanked the members and friends who came to his birthday party. He said, “Thank you so much to the members and friends who came to celebrate my birthday. It’s been a happy day.”

Jinon also wished Dae-geon a happy birthday on Twitter.

Dae-geon held an online fan signing event in October 2020. The notice was announced in Japanese.


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