All About Kim Da-hyun of TWICE: Profile, Ideal Type, Net Worth, and Facts


Kim Da-hyun is one of the members of the nation’s new heart stealers, Twice. Known as dubu or tofu for her white milky skin, Da-hyun has more than once charmed the fans of K-pop with her flowing rap lyrics and sweet smile.

Kim Da-hyun’s Profile

Name: Kim Dahyun (김다현)

Stage Name: Dahyun

Nickname: Tofu

Birth Date: May 28, 1998

Birth Place: Seongnam, Gyeonggi, South Korea

Zodiac: Gemini

Blood Type: O

Height: 165 cm

Weight: 48 kg

Favorite Food: Chocolate

Favorite Drink: Milk (Chocolate Milk)

Personal Life and Career


Before becoming a trainee for JYP Entertainment, Kim Da-hyun was already a well known internet sensation. In sixth grade, she danced to Hillsong’s “The Power of Love” for her church, resulting in it blowing up on YouTube in 2011. Her dance was known as the “Eagle Dance” for its head-banging and wing-flapping movements.

In middle school, Dahyun performed a solo dance in a youth performance festival, and was scouted by JYP. She attended the audition on July 7th, 2012, and has since then been accepted as a trainee for JYP.

As a trainee in JYP, she was initially training to be an actress, with fellow Twice member, Jihyo. During her trainee days, she appeared on two of her seniors’ music video. In 2014, she became the main character for GOT7’s Stop It, Stop It (하지하지마) and in 2015, she appeared in 2PM’s Wooyoung’s Rose. She had been a trainee at JYP for over than three years, before making her official debut.

JYP’s Sixteen

In 2015, Park Jinyoung announced that he would be making a survival show to debut a new girl group. The survival show was entitled Sixteen and aired on May 25th. It ran for 10 episodes. The show was broadcast by the broadcasting company, Mnet.

The show received a lot of controversy due to the harsh condition the girls were in, and the final line up that was changed from seven members to nine members. Despite having a big following, Dahyun fell down from the major line up to a minor in episode three. She regained her place in episode five, and since then has kept her place until the last episode.


Kim Da-hyun, along with the other eight members of Sixteen debuted in a girl group called Twice on October 20th, 2017 and took on the role of lead rapper and vocalist. Twice officially debuted with the title track Like Ooh-Aah.

In 2017, Twice released the song Likey following the great success of TT, Knock-Knock and Signal. In the song Likey, Dahyun once again blew up the internet with her famous rap lyrics. The catchy rap lyrics after a beat drop and followed by a dab, a viral dance move, put her name back out as one of the most popular members of Twice.

Not only is she talented at singing and rapping, Dahyun is also blessed with a good variety skill. She became a co-host for Weekly Idol “Idols Are The Best” corner. The special corner started in Weekly Idol’s 246th episode and is a corner to show how idols complete the missions given, proving that they are indeed the best. The corner is MCed with a collaboration of idol such GFriend’s Shin-B, GOT7’s Jackson and Monsta X’s Jooheon.

Ideal Type

Being a member of one of the most sought out girl groups has made a lot of people curious about Kim Dahyun’s ideal type. Although all of the members have said that they are currently not in any relationship, Dahyun revealed that her ideal type is someone who resembles her father. She said that she would like a man who is dependable like a father, who loves his parents and loves her a lot.

Fun Facts About Kim Da-hyun
  • Dahyun loves chocolate.
  • Dahyun is afraid of animals (dogs and cats).
  • Dahyun takes the longest showers in Twice.
  • Dahyun is close friends with GFriend’s Shin-B after becoming co-hosts for Weekly Idol. She is also close to Pristin’s Kyulkyung.
  • Dahyun is deathly afraid of horror movies.
  • Playing the piano is one of Dahyun’s hobbies and specialties.
  • Dahyun wears contact lenses because her eyesight is bad.

Net Worth of Dahyun and Twice

Twice, coming from one of the three best entertainment company in Korea, JYP Ent., is one of the girl groups with the highest debut investment. JYP’s founder, Park Jinyoung, invested $429,000 USD (₩500 million) in the debut of the nine membered girl group. The investment paid off instantly with their great success. Twice is now worth around $2.75 million USD (₩3.2 billion won).

Kim Dahyun alone has made quite an asset of herself. Due to her individual popularity, she is worth around $1.5 million USD.