Kim Bum And His Roles In K-Dramas You Should Know

From Boys Over Flowers To Mrs. Cop 2 Here Are Kim Bum’s Top Dramas You Should Watch!

All of you are probably familiar with the legendary popular drama Boys Over Flowers, right? The drama, starring some handsome and talented young actors, managed to steal the attention of many people in South Korea and several countries that aired the K-Drama. Not only Lee Min-ho, but several other famous actors also began to get achievements and attention from the public for their excellent acting skills.

Other than Lee Min-ho, the drama Boys Over Flowers features many other now-popular names of actors, such as Kim Hyun-joong, Kim Bum, Kim Joon, Goo Hye-sun, and many other supporting roles. After this drama ended, they received many awards for their acting in this K-Drama. Now, among these cast members of the drama, one very handsome man with an incredible visual is going to be the topic of our article today, and he has played in a lot of other dramas after his breakthrough with Boys Over Flowers.

Let’s check out the detailed rundown of K-Dramas starring Kim Bum, below!

Boys Over Flowers (2009)

In South Korea, Shinhwa is one of the most respected group companies. Not only engaged in business, the group that is said to have the support of the government also has a school that is so prestigious.

Because of its prestige, only selected children from well-respected families can enter there. But even though the outside looks so perfect, where the graduates are almost certain to be respected people, there is a dark secret behind the Shinhwa school.

A group of four young men (consisting of the sons of the most influential people in Korea) call themselves the F4. Kim Bum, who plays So Yi-jung, is also a member of F4 in this drama.

The Woman Who Still Wants to Marry (2010)

In this drama, Kim Bum acts as Ha Min-jae. This drama was produced by MBC and starred by several famous actors, such as Park Jin-hee, Uhm Ji-won, Wang Bit-na, etc. This drama consists of 16 episodes.

Ha Min-jae is a 24-year-old male. A talented musician who was accepted into an elite university in the business faculty. Ha Min-jae is a typical bad boy. Ha Min-jae also gave Ban Seok dating tips. When Ban Seok fails with Shin Young after using all the dating tactics given by Ha Min-jae, Ha Min-jae feels curious and bets that he will succeed in making Shin Young his girlfriend.

With his charm as a musician, he can easily captivate many women and this drama also shows the love journey of Ha Min-jae in finding his girlfriend. Even though her love wasn’t smooth because Shin-young had planned to prepare a marriage with another man, but Ha Min-jae insisted on getting her attention.

Padam Padam (2011)

In 2011, Kim Bum played Lee Gook-soo in the K-Drama Padam Padam. The drama was broadcast by JTBC for a total of 20 episodes. This drama tells the story of the life of a former convict who has just been released from prison after being detained for 16 years for a mistake he had never made. After getting out of prison, he goes to Seoul with his best friend, Lee Gok-soo, played by Kim Bum.

He is a guardian angel who was born as a human friend. Of course, the ex-convict does not believe this. After he gets out of prison, he has a dream woman who wants to be his lover and Lee Gook-soo acts as a guardian angel in the love of his best friend with his ideal woman.

This drama got a good reaction from the audience both from South Korea and abroad. Some countries that broadcast Padam Padam are Japan, The Philippines, and Thailand. Although this is not a drama that features Kim Bum as the main character, his acting in Padam Padam has made many fans and viewers fall in love with him because he is present in a new hair appearance.

High Kick 3 (2012)

Not only that, but Kim Bum also returned as one of the characters from a popular K-Drama the following year, High Kick 3, which aired on MBC. Previously, Kim Bum had also starred in the High Kick series in 2009 and acted as a cameo in episode 72.

In High Kick 3, Kim Bum reappeared as a cameo in episode 108. With a very handsome face and visuals, Kim Bum was present with his charm and semi-long hairstyle and made fans and viewers who missed Kim Bum able to see his charm back in this drama.

Beside that, Kim Bum also managed to compete acting with several famous actors and actresses in this drama, one of which is Krystal Jung. He managed to get a scene with the actress who was once active as a member of the idol group f(x) and they look very funny and fit together in this drama.

Goddess of Fire (2013)

In 2013, Kim Bum played the latest role in the K-Drama Goddess of Fire which was aired by MBC for a total of 32 episodes. In this drama, Kim Bum acts as a palace soldier named Tae-do. This Goddess of Fire drama tells about political intrigues in the palace to gain power, revenge, and then the harsh reality that people who are hated are people who actually have blood relations.

The background of the world of marriage is enough to give its own color. Quite exciting to see how the process of making ceramics and how ceramic can be so valuable as the wealth of the palace in the past. The romance of the second person can be very annoying, but it’s also about the complicated relationship between Tae-do and Jung.

Jung, of course, has a hard time reciprocating Tae-do’s love because she already considers him an older brother. I can also accept Tae-do’s ‘whirring’ that makes Jung the center of his life. With his soft and melodic character, Jung’s hard character is like energy for Tae-do. On the other hand, Jung also has a fragile side that always needs Tae-do.

The Micro Era of Love (2014)

The Micro Era of Love is a 2014 Chinese drama starring Kim Bum. In this drama, Kim Bum plays the role of Ou Hui. He plays a supporting role in this Chinese drama and this drama tells about the friendship that exists in social media circles and they face challenges to find a partner and their respective love.

The players in this drama are said to have just graduated and completed their education from university and are ready to plunge into the world they have to face. In addition to showing many beautiful women this drama, many say that The Micro Era of Love is also referred to as Chinese Gossip Girl where the roles have 6 different stories beyond the audience’s predictions.

Hidden Identity (2015)

In 2015, Kim Bum again starred in a South Korean drama titled Hidden Identity, a drama which has a total of 16 episodes, starring several famous actors and actresses, such as Kim Bum, Park Sung-woong, Yoon So-yi, Lee Won-jong, etc.

This drama features Kim Bum with a different and very new visual because he appears with a mustache and short hair that shows that the innocent and sweet boy image in the Boys Over Flowers drama that once made his name famous is not the same as it used to be.

In Hidden Identity, Kim Bum plays as Cha Geon-woo. Hidden Identity combines action, thriller, and drama genres. In other words, this drama will present a lot of action and fighting scenes. Kim Bum’s involvement has, in fact, boosted the popularity of this drama and many have praised Kim Bum’s acting skills for successfully becoming a role in the action-drama well.