Did Kim Ah-joong Undergo Plastic Surgery? Let’s Find Out by Comparing Pictures!


Is Kim Ah-joong a Natural Beauty?

Renowned as being the country with the high rates of plastic surgery, it’s not far-fetched to say that many South Korea’s celebrities must have done surgery, too, just like the non-public figures. The certainly have been allegations of plastic surgery applied to the actress Kim Ah-joong. Despite starting her career in 2005, it was only through her role as a woman who underwent plastic surgery in 200 Pounds Beauty that her popularity rose and established her name as a great actress, earning her the achievement of Best Actress in the Grand Bell Awards in 2007. Similar to her role in the movie, many people think that Kim Ah-joong also did procedures to improve her facial features.

In this article, we will dig up whether the accusation of Kim Ah-joong’s plastic surgery is true or not. So, keep reading!

Kim Ah-Joong’s Before and After Plastic Surgery Transformation


The prime facial feature that Koreans will most commonly change is their eyes, as they can often be small and uneven. Coincidentally (or not), Kim Ah-joong also had the same kind of issue before she did the procedure.


As you can see, Kim Ah-joong’s eyes used to be uneven and narrow. Though having natural double eyelids, the shape is less visible. However, thanks to plastic surgery, now the actress has more refined eyes, with the symmetrical shape.


The second of her features that we’ll analyze is her nose. Despite looking similar in the before and after pictures, Kim Ah-joong did have a nose job to enhance her nasal bridge, which is straighter and longer than before. In addition, the tip of her nose has been reshaped with the help of a graft, making it sharper and more proportional, which is ideal for her job as an actress.


Finally, Kim Ah-joong shows us the importance of jaw shape. As you can see in the picture above, Kim Ah-joong used to have a square jaw and a wider face. Thanks to the effects of diet and plastic surgery, the actress now has a perfect small and oval face shape. We believe that Kim Ah-joong has undergone either the jaw reduction surgery or V-line surgery in order to achieve the beautiful face shape that brought out her feminine vibe.

Well, what do you think, dear readers? Do you consider that Kim Ah-joong’s plastic surgery is one of the most drastic cases yet?