Let’s Take a Look at Kim Ah-joong’s Top Movies and Dramas That You Have to Check Out!


Kim Ah-joong actress

Kim Ah-joong, The All-rounder Actress

Kim Ah-joong is a famous Korean actress famous for her role in the romantic comedy film 200 Pounds Beauty. She is mainly active in playing roles in movies rather than dramas. Here is a list of Kim Ah-joong’s works as an actress.


Kim Ah-joong’s Top Dramas and Movies

Kim Ah-joong popular drama and movie

Kim Ah-joong appeared in several popular movies and dramas in one year and as a result, she received a lot of award achievements the following year. Here are some of Kim Ah-joong’s popular roles in top dramas and movies.

200 Pounds Beauty

The movie 200 Pounds Beauty, or also known as Beauty is Pain, is a 2006 South Korean musical romantic comedy film starring Joo Jin-mo, Kim Ah-joong, Ji Seo-yun, Kim Hyun-sook, and many other famous actresses and actors. The movie is based on a Japanese manga titled Kanna’s Big Sucess! by Yumiko Suzuki. It is about an overweight ghost singer who undergoes intensive plastic surgery to become a pop sensation and realize how to overcome personal matters in life.

My PS Partner

The movie My P.S Partner, or also known as Whatcha Wearin’?, is a 2012 South Korean romantic comedy film starring Ji Sung, Kim Ah-joong, Shin So-yul, and many other actresses and actors. This movie, rated +19, is about Yoon-jung (Kim Ah-joong), who accidentally calls a total stranger Hyun-seung (Ji Sung), who has trouble getting over his ex-girlfriend so they end up having phone sex. Both Yoon-jung and Hyun-seung get comfortable with each other and start talking about meeting each other and further develop an intimate relationship which leads them into falling for each other.

Catch Me

The movie Catch Me, or better known as Steal My Heart, is a 2013 South Korean romantic comedy film starring Joo Won, Kim Ah-joong, and other famous actors and actresses. The movie is about Lee Ho-tae (Joo Won), who is a police profiler with a 100% success rate in tracking down suspects. He meets his ex-girlfriend Yoon Ji-sook (Kim Ah-joong) during a stakeout and finds out that she is the most wanted notorious thief for stealing priceless artworks and gems across Seoul. At first, Ho-tae locks Ji-sook in his own home with his old feelings resurfacing on him. But later he releases her and makes the rest of the police force search for her.

Emperor of the Sea

The drama Emperor of the Sea is a historical drama that was aired on KBS from November 24th, 2004 to May 25th, 2005, with a total of 51 episodes, starring Song Il-gook, Choi Soo-joong, Chae Shi-ra, Soo Ae, Chae Jung-an, Kim Ah-joong, Lee Won-joong, and many other actresses and actors. The drama tells the story of Jang Bogo (Choi Soo-jong), who rises from a lowly slave to a military commander of the sea during the Unified Silla Dynasty, who battles pirates and engages in a heated rivalry with Madam Jami (Chae Shi-ra), a Silla noble who squares off against Jang Bogo for trade rights in the South Sea. Yeon Jang (Song Il-gook), who is Jang Bogo’s charismatic comrade competes along Jang Bogo for Lady Jung-hwa (Soo-Ae) love. Although Kim Ah-joong plays a supporting role in the drama, the popularity of the drama has made her rise into one of the most popular artists in South Korea.

The Accidental Couple

The drama The Accidental Couple, or also known as Just Looking, or That Fool, is a 2009 South Korean drama starring Hwang Jung-min, Kim Ah-joong, and many other actresses and actors. The drama is about top actress Han Ji-soo (Kim Ah-joong) getting involved in a car accident with her secret boyfriend who is the son of the famous politician Kim Kang-mo (Joo Sang-wook). To cover their relationship, Kang-mo escapes the scene quickly and drags an innocent onlooker, Gu Dong-baek (Hwang Jung-min), to pretend to have driven the car. Gu Dong-baek, who works as a post office employee and is an avid fan of Ji-soo, quickly draws public attention and agrees to six-month contract marriage with Ji-soo. One of the paparazzi photographers, though, starts getting suspicious of Ji-soo and Dong-baek’s relationship and begins investigating the case secretly.

Live Up to Your Name

The drama Live Up to Your Name, or also known as Deserving of the Name, is a 2017 tvN South Korean fantasy medical drama starring Kim Nam-gil, Kim Ah-joong, Moon Ga-young, Kim Myung-gon, and many other actresses and actors. The drama is about a Joseon doctor of Traditional Korean medicine Heo-im (Kim Nam-gil) who travels to the modern Seoul era after falling into a river. In the future, he runs into Choi Yeon-kyung (Kim Ah-joong), who is a cardiothoracic fellow surgeon at Shinhae Hospital.


Kim Ah-joong’s Full Filmography

list of Kim Ah-joong drama and movie

Kim Ah-joong has been active as an actress since 2004, starting her acting career by playing supporting roles at first. Slowly, she rises into one of the top South Korean actresses. Kim Ah-joong has played roles in various genres of both dramas and movies, and has acted alongside a lot of popular actors, such as Joo Won, Kim Nam-gil, Ji Sung, and many more. Here is a list of Kim Ah-joong’s dramas and movies until now.

List of Kim Ah-joong’s Films

Kim Ah-joong’s film
Year Movie Title Role Notes
2005 When Romance Meets Destiny Lee Kyung-jae
2006 200 Pounds Beauty Kang Han-na/Jenny
2009 Present Spy W Short film
2010 Foxy Festival Soo-jung Cameo
2012 My PS Partner Yoon-jung
2013 Catch Me Yoo Jin-sook/Lee Sook-ja
Amazing Erin
2017 The King Sang-hee Special appearance
2019 Bad Guys

List of Kim Ah-joong’s Dramas

Kim Ah-joong’s drama
Year Network Movie Title Role
2004 KBS2 Emperor of the Sea Ha Jin
2005 MBC Our Attitude to Prepare Parting Seo Hee-won
KBS1 Bizarre Bunch Kim Jong-nam
2009 KBS2 The Accidental Couple Han Ji-soo
2011 SBS Sign Go Da-kyung
2014 Punch Shin Ha-gyung
2016 Wanted Jung Hye-in
2017 tvN Live Up to Your Name Choi Yeon-kyung