HIGHLIGHT’s Kikwang, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, SHINee’s Taemin, and NCT’s Jisung’s Dance Collaboration Journey on JTBC’s ‘Why Not The Dancer?’

Fun Facts

1. Four Generations of Idols Have Been Gathered?


When they met G.O.D’s Junhyung, Eunhyuk and Kikwang realized that they were all from different generations. Junhyung was the first generation, Eunhyuk was second, Kikwang was 2.5 or third, and Jisung was the fourth. It was said that it was the first time idols from four generations gathered and hung out together.

2. Each of The House Members Cooked

The house was filled with four members. Each of them had cooked at least once in the house. Let’s check the foods’ look!

This is Eunhyuk’s cooking! He made toasted buns and made scrambled eggs with ham. He added sauce and also shared them with the staff!

This is Jisung’s cooking. Although he almost never cooked before, he made this with his genuine heart.

This is Kikwang’s creation. He almost ruined the egg but managed to cook the others well.

This is Taemin’s cooking. Many underestimated his cooking skill and he even said it was actually bad and too spicy but the staff said it was not bad, so he felt good.

3. Eunhyuk is Actually A Generous Person

During the program, Taemin often teased Eunhyuk for beating him a lot. However, Jisung revealed that back in his trainee days, Eunhyuk had bought pizzas for all the trainees. It was also seen that Eunhyuk shared his homemade food with the staff, because the last time when they ate at Eggslut, he knew the staff didn’t get to eat. When the boys went shopping, Taemin acted all cute with puppy eyes to Eunhyuk, saying he wanted to buy a jacket but didn’t have money. Eunhyuk, who had a soft heart, said Taemin could get it and he would pay for it. He also said Kikwang could get one too, so he treated both of them.

Overall the program was worth watching. Through this program, we can see how difficult it is to make choreography, even for dancers. Many viewers are hoping for a second season, but the decision has not yet be determined. Let’s keep supporting and looking forward to their future activities!

You can watch the English subbed all episodes here.