HIGHLIGHT’s Kikwang, Super Junior’s Eunhyuk, SHINee’s Taemin, and NCT’s Jisung’s Dance Collaboration Journey on JTBC’s ‘Why Not The Dancer?’

Dance Performance Video

During the program, they produced a total of five performance videos. Let’s check them out!

1. Justin Timberlake – Filthy (by Eunhyuk X Kikwang)

This is their first dance video that they spread to many foreign artists.

2. Snoop Dogg (feat. Pharrell) – Beautiful (by Ian Eastwood)

This is after the boys taught their class. Taemin got a surprise from his favorite choreographer, Ian Eastwood. Ian also held a dance class there.

3. O.T Genasis – Everybody Mad (by Melvin Timtim)

This is when they got an unexpected hip-hop dance class with Melvin Timtim, Kikwang’s favorite choreographer.

4. Lemaitre – Closer (by Taemin)

This time, Taemin got a chance to choreograph a solo dance video at the same place where he once filmed his music video.

5. Gallant – Weight In Gold (by Eunhyuk X Kikwang X Taemin)

Finally, they made their second video for a foreign artist, Gallant, bringing a sexier and more masculine concept.


They made an official Instagram account as soon as they were recruited. Let’s check some of their posts and the story behind them!


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This is their first post after Taemin made a toast with Eunhyuk and Kikwang when they invited him to join the program. Taemin didn’t actually say yes, explicitly, but just made a toast with them so the other two thought he agreed. After the toast, it was reported officially that he had joined the program.

This was the controversial post because he made a hashtag “I’m still thinking [about it]“. Eunhyuk said he almost cried when he saw the post and many articles were out saying that Taemin might not really join the program. Taemin revealed that he saw the article and that made him think that he really had to do this (the program). Eunhyuk teased him that it was actually because of an article that he made a final decision.


This is the front yard of the house they lived when they went to LA. This front yard was full of memories that every single day they had to wait for Uber taxi there and had nice conversations with each other while waiting.


This is the cake Jisung personally chose for Kikwang’s birthday!


While the trio was busy devising the choreography for the second video, Jisung went to a coffee shop to buy his hyungs iced americanos and iced chocolate for himself. He practiced his pronunciation many times before he ordered. However, he didn’t get the order quite right, as he got hot chocolate instead of iced one.

You can check their full posts @whynot_thedancer.