Almost Debut as BTS Member, Learn More About Topp Dogg Former Member Kidoh


The Cheerful Kidoh

Are you familiar with the name, Jin Hyo Sang? No? Well, I’m sure that you know his much more famous stage persona, Kidoh!  With this article, Channel Korea will introduce you, the reader to the cheerful, Kidoh and all the facts about him. Kidoh first rose to prominence as a member of the South Korean boy band, Topp Dogg and later on, he was the first member of the band to go it on his own, when he released his first solo album. Kidoh has accomplished so much in such a short time as an artist!

As one of the most multi-talented performers in South Korea, Kidoh has shown his abilities as a rapper, singer, composer, producer, and as a songwriter. In addition to all of these feats, Kidoh has also collaborated with the hip-hop dance crew, Rockbottom for a few years.

Kidoh’s decision to leave Topp Dogg was surely an unfortunate moment for the boy band. For Kidoh though, it was an opportunity to be free to express himself as an artist. Below, you can read about Kidoh and learn some fascinating personal facts that you may not know about the star!

Kidoh’s Full Profile and Fascinating Facts

Here’s the complete profile of Kidoh and some of his fascinating facts, enjoy!

Birth Name: Jin Hyo-sang (진효상)

Stage Name: Kidoh

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, December 16, 1992

Zodiac Sign: Sagittarius

Age: 26 (International age) / 27 (Korean age)

Height: 178cm

Weight: 55kg

Blood Type: A

Position in Topp Dogg: Lead Rapper, Vocalist

Nationality: Korean

Label: NEXTLEVEL, Hunus Entertainment, Stardom Entertainment

Fascinating Facts of Kidoh

  • Kidoh’s ideal type is a girl that is both pretty and nice.
  • Kidoh has a younger sister who’s name is Ji Young and together, they used to lived in Australia for two years when they were kids.
  • Among all of the Topp Dogg’s members, Kidoh was the most fluent English speaker.
  • He loves the colour, black.
  • Kidoh is a big fan of Kanye West.
  • Originally, Kidoh was with Big Hit Entertainment and trained to be a member of BTS. Later on he subsequently switched to Stardom Entertainment.
  • Kidoh is a close friend of BTS’ Jin.
  • Kidoh’s favourite, of his many talents, is composing songs
  • Together with BTS’ Rap Monster (RM), Kidoh was a member the underground group called DaeNamHyup.

Kidoh’s Discography

Make sure to check out Kidoh’s complete discography, here!

Kidoh’s Solo Album – September 26, 2014

Title Description
1st EP Album  Intro
1st EP Album She’s So Sensitive
1st EP Album Taxi On The Phone (Feat. Sangdo)
1st EP Album So Busy at 1 O’clock (Feat I11evn, Supreme Boi)
1st EP Album Absolutely Correct
1st EP Album Interlude
1st EP Album Still Alive



Title Year
HER (Feat. Simo) 2017


Extended Plays While In Topp Dogg

Title Album Details
Dogg’s Out Released on October 24, 2013

Label: Stardom Entertainment

Format: CD, Digital download

Arario Released on Released on January 16, 2014

Label: Stardom Entertainment

Format: CD, Digital download

AmadeuS Released on June 9, 2014

Label: Stardom Entertainment

Format: CD, Digital download

The Beat Released on October 19, 2015

Label: Hunus Entertainment

Format: CD, Digital download


Singles While In Topp Dogg

Title Year
Follow Me 2013
Cigarette 2013
Open The Door 2014
Arario 2014
Topdog 2014
Annie 2015
The Beat 2015


Original Soundtrack With Topp Dogg

Title Year
Butterfly Core (Detective Conan 13th Season) 2015
Get Out Of My Way (Webtoon Dokgo) 2015


Music Videos With Topp Dogg

Title Year
Follow Me 2013
Cigarette 2013
Open The Door 2014
Arario 2014
Topdog 2015
I Come 2015
Peekaboo 2015
Annie 2015
The Beat 2015


Watch one of Kidoh’s performances while he was a member of Topp Dogg, here:

His Experience And Almost His Debut, with BTS.

As we noted previously, Kidoh used to train with the members of BTS while at that time, in Big Hit Entertainment. Kidoh eventually switched to Stardom Entertainment in order to continue his career as a member of Topp Dogg and eventually solo stardom instead. That being said, Kidoh enjoyed his time with Big Hit and especially training with BTS member, Jin!

Friendship with BTS’ Jin.

Kidoh has been a very close friend pf BTS’, Jin for a long time. In fact, the two knew each other even before their debuts in their respective boy bands. Throughout their careers, Kidoh and Jin have remained the best of friends and each other’s biggest supporters!

Even in their pre-debut pictures, as seen below, both Kidoh and Jin presented a very similar look and style! According to interviews, in addition to Jin, Kidoh also maintains close friendships with both Jimin And Gook Ju of BTS!

His Departure From Topp Dogg.

Many of Kidoh’s fans were saddened to hear the news that the star had decided to part ways with his famous boy band, Topp Dogg. According to the band’s label, Hunus Entertainment ( previously known as Stardom Entertainment ), Kidoh announced his plans to leave the band in order to pursue a solo career. While everyone loved Kidoh as a member of Topp Dogg, going solo allowed him to explore new musical directions as well as giving him the opportunity to travel, worldwide. Kidho’s current management agency, NEXTLEVEL confirm that he is working on future projects.

All of Kidho’s many devoted fans, everywhere, should continue to support him in his career decisions and his well being!

Kidoh and Rockbottom Crew

As we previously had mentioned, Kidoh was one of the parts that comprised, DaeNamHyup, the underground rap group. He was joined in the group by, BTS’ Rap Monster. In addition to this collaboration, Kidoh was also a member of the culture crew, Rockbottom with the rest of DaeNamHyup’s members, i11evn, Supreme Boi, Iron, and DJ Snatch.

Kidoh was quite close with the members of  Rockbottom before he joined the crew and he was capable and through his talent, flexible enough to manage his time with both Topp Dogg and Rockbottom, simultaneously.

Watch their performances here: