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KCON in Japan

kcon japan

Japan is one of the countries that KCON always visits every year, including in 2019. The concert was held over the course of three days, and was located at Makuhari Messe Stadium. For your information, this KCON Japan was one of the shows that had the biggest lineup. There were 29 artists who would be performing, broken up over the three days of the event..

Let’s check out the spectacular lineup of artist fors the 2019 KCON Japan, shall we?

kcon japan

Artist Performances

Since there were a lot idols that came to the concert, we will only talk about the performances of three of them.


kcon japan

Who doesn’t know TWICE, the popular and talented group from JYP Entertainment that debuted in 2015? Since their popularity is so big in Japan, TWICE is rarely absent from the KCON Japan activity.

Like usual, before we take a look at their performances, let’s take a look at the red carpet session below!

TWICE performed a total six songs, and two special INTRO. As for the first, they performed an INTRO+FANCY, Yes or Yes, What Is Love?, and Dance the Night Away. Here are the group’s complete performances videos. Happy watching!

Not only Korean releases, TWICE also performed their newest Japanese song, called BDZ. Check out their performances below!

Mnet also uploaded TWICEs unreleased video during the concert, where the members had an opportunity to interact with their beloved fans, ONCE. Here is the cute moments video for you!

And finally, during the encore, they did an ending finale camera:

Not only did TWICE perform their own songs, several rookie groups who were at KCON Japan also did covers of some of their music. There were three groups who did the covers,  Fromis_9, GWSN, and NATURE. All of them performed three hit songs from TWICE, CHEER UP, KNOCK KNOCK, and LIKEY.

If you’re curious with their performances, just click the video down below:

Monsta X

monsta x kcon mexico lineup

Starship Entertainment’s boy group ‘Monsta X‘, were one of the line-up artists for KCON Japan. Since their popularity in Japan is high, Monsta X became one of the most anticipated boy groups there.

Before D-DAY, Mnet released a KCON star countdown video with the group. Let’s take a look at their invitation!

Before the concert started, they did a red carpet session first. Here is the fancam video for you all:

At the concert, Monsta X performed three songs. The first one was INTRO+ALLIGATOR. Here is the video of their performance:

The second song was No Reason, a song with a different vibe than the usual Monsta X-type of song. Here is the video:

The last song was their popular song called Shoot Out. Many idols have covered this dance before. Here is the video of their live performance:

Like before, Mnet also uploaded two unreleased videos of the group during the concert. They did a fanservice for their beloved fans, Monbebe’s.

Here is the first video:

This is the second video, the unreleased video was called ‘MONSTA X LET’S PLAY!’:

And, of course, an ending finale self camera of Monsta X during the end of the concert:


kcon japan izone

An idol group whose members were contestants on Mnet’s survival show called ‘Produce 48’, IZ*ONE was part of the girl group line-up for KCON Japan. The group performed five songs, including INTRO and a special song performances.

Before we check out their performances, let us review their red carpet session before the concert began!

For their first performance, IZ*ONE started with an INTRO and then continued with Airplane. Click the video below to see their performance!

Next, the girls performed their survival show theme song, ‘Naekkoya’. After that, IZ*ONE continued with their newest Korean title track, ‘Violetta’.

The last video is when IZ*ONE performed Rumor, which was one of the evaluation songs during the Produce 48 days. Check out their amazing performance by clicking the video bellow. Happy watching, especially for all WI*ZONE’s out there!

Just like the other line-up artists, IZ*ONE also did the ending finale self camera.


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