KBS’ Idol Rebooting Project ‘The Unit’ Is Using a Mobile App for Voting! Here are the Final Voting Results!


KBS’ Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit

KBS Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit (stylized as The Uni+) was a survival program that required the contestants to get votes from the mentors and the audience to survive. The contestants could be males (UNI+ B) or females (UNI+ G), rookies or debuted artists who hadn’t received success yet or are recommended by anyone. Each episode would eliminate someone who doesn’t perform well or gets the lowest votes. The winners would be nine males and nine females and will be debuted as a boy group and a girl group, respectively.

For the voting, the survival program used the TMON mobile app before changing it to The Unit official mobile app. What is TMON? How do we use it? Why did the program change the voting system?

About TMON Mobile App


TMON stands for Ticket Monster and is a Korean application that can be accessed through the website (www.ticketmonster.co.kr) or downloaded on a mobile device. It is an e-commerce platform media, especially for online shopping. We can search and purchase many things on the website.

Apparently, TMON mobile app was also used for voting purposes as well just like KBS Idol Rebooting Project: The Unit did.

Voting Terms and Conditions


The first round of voting was open from November 11th, 2017, at 10 a.m. KST to December 3rd, 2017, at 10 a.m. KST. Here is how to vote via the TMON mobile app:

  1. Make a TMON ID.
    Because it is a Korean application, it requires a Korean phone number to register and make an account. Here is how to make a TMON ID.

  2. Click on The Unit banner on the front page or search ‘더 유닛 투표’ (translate: The Unit vote) to vote.
  3. Vote for 9 male contestants and 9 female contestants for each ID.
    Choose your favorite contestant to give 2 points to and 8 others to give 1 point to.

    twitter.com | onehallyu.com
  4. Vote once a day for each ID.
    It was reported that each vote is priced 100 won.

Crashing Issue During Voting

After the first round of voting opened up, the server was crashed for around 15 minutes. The crashing issue went on and on during the voting for the next rounds as well. It might have happened because many netizens wanted to vote and accessed the server at the same time. Although the voting was exclusively hosted through the website, The Unit seemed to have gained attention more than expected. The audience and voters were mad because they couldn’t vote when the server was down.


Therefore, as from episode 11 onwards, the voting system was changed from TMON mobile app to The Unit‘s official mobile app. It might also have happened because of the international fans who tried to vote illegally using VPN so they closed the way for international votes.

Final Voting Result From The App

Despite the changing system, the voting went on and finally got the final result on the final episode on February 10th, 2018.


1 Eujin (SONAMOO) 108,066 Jun (U-KISS) 165,302
2 Yebin (DIA) 83,910 Eujin (BIGFLO) 164,838
3 NC. A 82,074 Go Ho-jung (HOTSHOT) 90,510
4 Yoonjo (ex-Hello Venus) 78,519 Feel Dog (BIGSTAR) 82,170
5 Lee Hyun-joo (ex-April) 72,090 Marco (H.B.Y) 81,606
6 Yang Ji-won (ex-SPICA) 68,193 Ji Han-sol (ex-SM rookies) 78,504
7 Woohee (Dalshabet) 66,054 Daewon (Madtown) 77,886
8 ZN (Laboum) 61,023 Kijoong (IMFACT) 77,337
9 Lee Su-ji (ex-The Ark) 60,954 Chan (A.C.E) 74,367

The final winners had their second debut as a new boy group and girl group. The boy group was named UNB, while the girl group was named UNI.T. They released albums and held fan meetings before they held their final concert and officially disbanded.


TMON Mobile App After ‘The Unit’


Before The Unit, TMON mobile app was also used to vote for Mnet’s Produce 101 up until season 2 in 2017 and changed the system to Mnet’s official website. It seems like The Unit was the last program who managed to use the app even though only for their first 10 episodes and changed the voting system afterward. Nowadays, most of the survival programs use a voting system hosted by their official website to prevent crashing and hacking issues.

No matter how the voting system is, shall we support the contestants to get their chance at debuting!