KBS ‘The Unit’: The Contestants, The Mentors, and The Winner


  • The Uni+ “마이턴 (My Turn)”
  • The Uni+ “빛 (Last One)”
  • The Uni+ “Shine”
  • The Uni+ B Step 1
  • Handsome Boys (훈남쓰) “All Day”
  • B.S (Korean Boys Stars) “Question”
  • Pick A Green (초록픽하나) “내꺼 (You’re Mine)”
  • Unit Ranger (유닛레인저) “My Story”
  • Red Is Strong (빨강하다) “No Way”
  • The Uni+ G Step 1
  • Blooming (블루밍) “Always”
  • 10:45 (10시 45분) “Cherry On Top”
  • Too Charming (투챠밍) “달콤해 (Sweet)”
  • Red Band Girls (홍단소녀) “Cosmos”
  • Nine Girls (아홉소녀들) “Poco a Poco”
  • The Uni+ Final
    • High Five (하이파이브) “끌어줘 (Raise Me Up)”
  • Unit Plus (유닛플러스) “Dancing With The Devil”
  • Tinkling (팅클링) “Ting”
  • To You To Me (니하고내하고) “You & I (내가 하고싶은 말은) (What I Want To Say)”
  • THE UNI+ “Present”

The Winner

After going through 28 episodes, The Unit; Idol Rebooting Project come to an end with only 18 contestants, divided into two groups, a girl-group & a boy-group, each with 9 members.

Uni+ G, the girl-group, included Sonamoo’s Eujin (Rank 1), DIA’s Yebin (Rank 2), Soloist NC.A (Rank 3), ex-Hello Venus’s Yoonjo (Rank 4), ex-April’s Hyunjoo (Rank 5), ex-SPICA’s Yang Ji-won (Rank 6), Dalshabet’s Woohee (Rank 7), Laboum’s ZN (Rank 8), ex-The Ark’s Lee Suji (Rank 9).


The group signed under The Unit Culture Industry Company and officially debuted on May 18, 2018, with the single track No More (넘어), and disbanded on October 12, 2018.



UNI.T – No More (넘어)

Uni+ B, the boy-group, included U-KISS’s Jun (Rank 1), BIGFLO’s Euijin (Rank 2), HOTSHOT’s Hojung (Rank 3), BIGSTAR’s Feeldog (Rank 4), H.B.Y’s Marco (Rank 5), ex-SM Rookies Ji Hansol (Rank 6), Madtown’s Daewon (Rank 7), IMFACT’s Kijoong (Rank 8), A.C.E’s Chan (Rank 9).


This group also signed under The Unit Culture Industry Company, and officially debuted on April 7, 2018, with the single track Feeling (넘어).



UNB – Feeling (감각)