KBS ‘The Unit’: The Contestants, The Mentors, and The Winner



There were six mentors on The Unit; Idol Rebooting Project, and every mentor was chosen for their particular skills, such as the MC of the show, performance, vocals and rap.


Rain, the legendary soloist from South Korea (real nae: Jung Ji-hoon), was chosen to be the Uni+‘s MC. The husband of the famous actress Kim Tae-hee appeared on a television program for the first time after his marriage as a survival show host.

As quoted from ‘Entertainment Weekly’ aired on KBS2 on October 27, 2017, Rain revealed that The Unit; Idol Rebooting Project was different from any other survival show because the six mentors are dedicating to looking at each contestant’s potential, and skill comes second. The mentors would act as expert coaches for contestants that have the potential to debut as an idol.


Lee Tae-min, the youngest member of boy-group SHINee, become the mentor for performance skills. The idol, who sang the song Move, once reported crying during the show when he saw one of his friends become a contestant. The moment when he reunited with his longtime friend, HOTSHOT’s Timoteo, brought Tae-min to tears as the contestant revealed that they had been friends for 11 years, since elementary school.


Kim Hyun-a, who debuted as a member of the girl-group 4Minute, also became one of the mentors, in charge of performance skills, with Tae Min. The idol, who involved into a dating scandal with ex-Pentagon member E-Dawn, also reported crying during one episode when she reunited with one of her friends who trained under the same agency, JYP Entertainment.

Hyun-a and her friend, Joo, were reunited on The Uni+ when the contestant revealed that she and Hyun-a trained together to debut as members of Wonder Girls. Hyun-a also said that they’ve talked about their dreams together since they were in elementary school, and rode the subway to JYP every day, as they recalled their training days back then.


Jo Hyun-ah, who’s a member of vocal group Urban Zakapa, is also one of the mentors on The Unit; Idol Rebooting Project, in charge of vocal skill. As reported from Allkpop, the one and only female vocalist from Urban Zakapa, shared her mentoring experience on this survival show in an exclusive interview with ‘International BNT’ magazine. Jo Hyun-ah said that it was a great opportunity for her to be on the show as a mentor, and to see so many seniors and juniors gathered in one place. The singer, who sing a song Thursday Night (2016) with her bandmate, said that all of the mentors were very articulate, while she thought that she couldn’t fully express what was on her mind because she had trouble structuring her own words.


Hwang Chi-yeol, a singer & songwriter who known for the song Because I Miss You (2016), and is a mentor in charge of vocal skill. As reported from WowKeren, Hwang Chi-yeol has given advice to all the contestants on this survival show, and he has a positivity that could reduce any level of tension of the show.


Rapper San-E, who’s known for the song Sour Grapes (2015), also appeared on the show, in charge of rap skills. During the show, San-E always came out full of smiles and bright personality. He was notorious for his bluntness when judging a contestant’s ability. San-E was once reported to have dissed one of the contestants by saying his rap sounded like he was shouting at the mentors. The rapper, who was featured on Hyoyeon’s WannaBe, said that the contestant should be aware he was bad at rapping, because he had no vibe at all, and ended up by saying that the performance was the worst one he saw.