Learn More About Married Idols And Celebrities Who Have Made An Appearance In KBS’ ‘Mr. House Husband’

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Everything You Need To Know About The South Korean Program Showing You The Married Life Of Idols And Celebrities: Mr. House Husband

A series of Korean celebrities and idols chose to marry at a young age or at the peak of their career. Some of them actually succeeded in making fans fall in love with a very sweet married life. Not all the romantic stories of Korean stars’ married life are revealed to the public, but thanks to this reality show, fans can see the other side of their idols’ lives.

One reality show starring Korean celebrities is Mr. House Husband that is broadcast on KBS and on the air since November 8th, 2016. The program carries the concept of six men from various backgrounds competing in housekeeping and parenting against each other by doing tasks related to household and child care. Of course, the most interesting thing is to see who will come out as the winner.

In this article, Channel-Korea will provide you with a rundown of South Korean celebrities and idols who have made an appearance in the KBS program Mr. House Husband. So, stay tuned and keep scrolling down!

About The Show

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Mr. House Husband is a variety program that assigns male celebrities to care for their children and take care of other housework. Different from some other variety shows, in this program, you can also see interesting interactions between the husband and his wife. Not infrequently, the wife gives so much advice about how to care for children, and how to clean up the house, such as washing and cooking.

This program first aired on November 8th, 2016, for the first season on KBS2 TV. When it first aired until February 7th, 2017, the program aired every Tuesday at 11:00 pm. However, since February 22nd, 2017, this program has been aired every Wednesday at 9:00 p.m. To date, this program has aired a second season that since April 2020 has been moved to Saturday night at 9.15 p.m.


FT. ISLAND’s Minhwan


On November 28th, 2018, it was announced that Kim Dong-hyun had left the second season of the Mr. House Husband program, and FT.ISLAND’s Minhwan family joined as new members. This idol will show his life as a husband and a father. Episode 2 of Mr. House Husband with Minhwan and Yulhee’s family was aired on December 5th, 2018.

Minhwan and Yulhee left the program Mr. House Husband during the second season of the show that started airing on February 26th, 2020. The couple resigned from the program after Minhwan was confirmed to be serving in the military. That is why it was no longer possible for them to continue to be active even though both of them now have three very funny children, including the twins who were born on February 11th, 2020.

In the final episode, Yulhee and Minhwan also revealed some touching parting words. They shared their thoughts about the times they went through during the program. Although the couple initially had a lot of difficulties because Yulhee was pregnant first, they finally received a lot of love.

Yulhee, Minhwan, and their parents expressed their happiness because the viewers of the second season of Mr. House Husband has given them a lot of support while watching their son, Jaeyul, grow up. Minhwan also talked about his development as a husband and father. The man who was born in 1992 said that he has been developing since the beginning of starring in this program.

Their Best Moments



In January 2017, U-KISS’ Eli appeared as a guest star and showed his domestic life with his wife and children for the first time on national TV through the KBS program Mr. House Husband, in the first season.

Eli really shows that he is the ideal husband and father. Even though he is an idol while on the stage, he is also a man who can be trusted by his family. When the three of them went shopping for daily necessities, Eli skillfully carried the child and even carried his wife’s bag. He is also not ashamed to show off intimacy with his wife.

For the first time, in the program, Eli tried to prepare baby food. He made these foods with guided recipes from the internet and blogs. Luckily, he immediately managed to cook food for the child. He also did funny things, such as using a scale to count 25 grams of rice and using a bottle of milk to measure the water.

Their Best Moments

Kim Jung-tae

In the Mr. House Husband program, Kim Jung-tae showed a more delicate appearance than the housewives. Kim Jung-tae showed a surprising appearance, such as being a skilled shopper at Busan’s Gijang Market. In particular, crab shops even showed off crabs at a glance.
Afterward, the appearance of grooming the material was even more amazing. He admired the panel by skillfully handling seafood that was difficult to clean. Since then, Kim Tae-tae has shared his own know-how with others.

Their Best Moments