Do You Know Former KARA Member Park Gyu-ri? Here Is Her Full Profile from Plastic Surgery to Net Worth!

Park Gyu-ri, the Former KARA Member and Korean Actress

Globally recognized as the leader of the girl group KARA, Park Gyu-ri now has ventured (or rather, made a comeback since she was a child actress) to the field of acting by starring on television series. She often held fan meetings to greet her fans, proving that she is not merely working to gain money but also to appreciate the love and support that her fans have given to her. Always has been claiming herself as a goddess and becomes the epitome of woman’s confidence, Park Gyu-ri is a rare jack-of-all-trades in the showbiz industry that we always respect for.

In this article, Channel-Korea will explain all about Park Gyu-ri which includes her full profile and facts, her age, height, and weight, the list of her television dramas, movies, television shows, and songs, her plastic surgery, her net worth, her bikini pictures, her fashion style, her hairstyle, and her Instagram feed.

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Park Gyu-ri’s Full Profile and Facts

Full Profile

Birth Name: Park Gyu-ri

Nickname: Goddess

Date of Birth: Seoul, South Korea, 21 May 1988

Occupation: Singer and actress

Nationality: South Korean

Zodiac Sign: Gemini

Chinese Astrology: Dragon

Musical Instrument: Piano

Talent Agency: DSP Media, Dain Entertainment (current)

Twitter: @gyuri88

Instagram: @gyuri_88

Fun Facts You Have to Know About Park Gyu-ri:

  • Park Gyu-ri is forgetful as she often forgets things from the past, even the lyrics of her own favorite songs.
  • A psychologist said that Park Gyu-ri’s personality is more like a guy’s than a woman’s.
  • KARA’s members voted Park Gyu-ri as the most embarrassing member to be with, especially because she would often say that she is pretty or that KARA members are pretty.
  • Park Gyu-ri’s parents are very supportive and respect her personal decisions.
  • Park Gyu-ri is afraid of heights.
  • Nicole said that Park Gyu-ri can never get tired of looking at herself in the mirror.
  • Park Gyu-ri’s ideal type is Jung Jae-young because he has the manly charm and humorous image, “He has the image of someone that would offer a hug when I am having a hard time. To be honest, my father is my ideal type and Jung Jae-young seems very similar to him”.

Park Gyu-ri’s Age, Height, and Weight

As had been explained in her personal profile earlier, Park Gyu-ri was born in 1988. According to the Korean Age System, in 2018 Park Gyu-ri’s age is 31 years old while according to the International Age System, Park Gyuri is 30 years old. Besides Park Gyu-ri, there are other Korean female and male celebrities who were born in 1988 as well, such as her  former groupmate KARA’s Han Seung-yeon, TVXQ’s Chang-min, Super Junior’s Kyu-hyun, Big Bang’s G-Dragon and Taeyang, T-ara’s Eun-jung, Wonder Girls’ Yu-bin, 2PM’s Jun-su, Nichkhun, and Taecyeon, and former member MBLAQ’s Lee Joon. On the other hand, Park Gyu-ri is considered to have a slim and average body as her height is 160 cm, whereas her weight is only 45 kg.

List of Park Gyu-ri’s Dramas, Movies, and TV Shows

Despite being more known as a singer, Park Gyu-ri actually used to be a child actress. Her distinctively pretty face was seen at historical drama Ladies of the Palace as the teenage version of Kim Jung-eun, one of the dramas’ lead. In the later years, Park Gyu-ri mostly starred dramas as a supporting role. Even so, she did an excellent job, hence the unstoppable acting offers from producers of dramas and films.

Here you may check the list of Park Gyu-ri’s drama, films, television shows below!

1995 – MBC Today is a Nice Day (Supporting Role as Soo-mi)

2001–2002 – SBS Ladies of the Palace (Supporting Role as the teenage version of Kim Jung-eun)

2008 – MBC The Person Is Coming (Supporting Role as School girl with fellow former KARA members’ Goo Hara and Nicole Jung)

2009 – Donggo Dongrak Radio (as Guest DJ)

2009 – Starry Night Radio (as Guest DJ)

2009 – Hero (as Guest Role)

2009-2010 – MBC Sunday Sunday Night’s: Parody Theater (as Go Eung-chan (The 1st Shop of Coffee Prince))

2009-2010 – KBS Star Golden Bell (as Regular Cast)

2009-2010 – SBS Strong Heart (as Guest Cast on Episode 4, 5, 13, 14, 51, 52, 100, and 101)

2009 -2010 – KBS Kiss the Radio (as Radio DJ with fellow former KARA member Kang Jiyoung)

2010 – SS501 Music High (as Radio DJ with SS501’s Park Jungmin)

2010-2011 – MBC ShimShimTaPa (as Radio DJ with Super Junior’s Shindong)

2011 – TV Tokyo URAKARA (Main Role as Gyu-ri)

2011 – Alpha and Omega (Dubber as Kate)

2011 – Musical theatre 200 Pounds Beauty (Main Role as Jenny)

2011-2012 – MBC Lulu Lala (as Guest Cast)

2012 – MBC Jewellery House (as Host)

2012 – What’s Mom (Guest Role as Herself in episode 22)

2012 – MBC  Reckless Family (Supporting Role as Herself)

2013 – Nail Shop Paris (Main Role as Hong Yuh-joo)

2013 – Kara The Animation (Dubber as Herself)

2013–2014 – SBS MTV The Show (as Host with fellow former KARA member Han Seungyeon)

2014 – SBS SNS Expedition (as Regular Cast with 2AM’s Jeong Jinwoon, Oh Sang-jin, Oh Man-seok, Seo Hyun-jin and Kim Min-joon)

2014 – DRAMAcube Secret Love (Main Role as Park Sun-woo)

2015 – MBC Sweet (Supporting Role as Jung Won)

2016 – Two Rooms, Two Nights (Main Role as Mi-na)

2016 – How to Break Up with My Cat (Main Role as Lee-jung )

2016 – KBS1 Jang Yeong-sil (Supporting Role as Joo Bu-ryeong)

2017 – KBS1 Lovers in Bloom (Supporting Role as Jang Eun Joo)

2018 – Miyak

List of Park Gyu-ri’s Songs

Along with Han Seung-yeon, Park Gyu-ri is known as the powerhouse vocalist of KARA as she has sung many songs, be it as a soloist or featured artist on the collaboration project. Moreover, her strong voice also often filled the soundtrack of dramas and movies. In this section, Channel-Korea has compiled a list of songs and album by Park Gyu-ri that you may want to listen!

2010 – My Love (featuring fellow former KARA member Kang Jiyoung for the original soundtrack of Daemul OST

2010 – Road (featuring former KARA members’ Han Seungyeon and Nicole Jung and No Brain for MBC Music Travel LaLaLa Live Vol. 7)

2010 – Bingeul Bingeul (featuring KARA members and No Brain for MBC Music Travel LaLaLa Live Vol. 11)

2010 – Day After (featuring Hong Kyung-min for Hong Kyung Min Vol. 10 – Special Edition)

2010 – If U Cannot (featuring SS501’s Park Jung-min)

2010 – Let’s Go (featuring 2AM’s Changmin, 2PM’s Jun. K, Bumkey, 4Minute’s Gayoon, After School’s Kahi, ANNA, HIGHLIGHT’s Junhyung, G.NA, and f(x)s Luna for G20 Seoul Summit 2010 Project Album)

2010 – LaLa (featuring Girls’ Generation’s Seohyun, IU, MBLAQ’s G.O, Miss A’s Min, Rainbow’s Jaekyung, SHINee’s Jonghyun, SECRET’s Jieun, Seo In-guk, Son Dam-bi & Super Junior’s Sungmin for G20 Seoul Summit 2010 Project Album)

2011 – Maria (original soundtrack of 200 Pounds Beauty)

2011 – Beautiful Girl (original soundtrack of 200 Pounds Beauty)

2011 –  Look Only at You (original soundtrack of City Hunter)

2011 – Indecisive (featuring Cho Hyun-young for the original soundtrack of Hooray for Love)

2012 – I Love You More Than The Soul (original soundtrack of Tasty Life)

2012 – Breaking Fate (original soundtrack of The Great Seer)

2013 – I Will Wait For You (original soundtrack of  Nail Shop Paris)

2013 – Kiss (original soundtrack of Galileo 2)

2013 – The Most Loved  (original soundtrack of Galileo 2)

2013 – Anata Ga Iru Kara

2014 – Dream a Little Dream of Me (original soundtrack of Inspiring Generation)

2014 – Talk About Love (featuring Various Artists for W Foundation Campaign)

2015 – Rolling In The Deep

2015 – First Love (featuring fellow former KARA member Han Seungyeon)

2015 – Hello (original soundtrack of Blade Man)

2015 – Goodbye Days (featuring fellow former KARA member Han Seungyeon)

2015 – Hush Hush; Hush Hush

2015 – Sakura

2015 – Endless Rain

2015 – The Little Prince (featuring From the Airport)

2015 – Return (featuring From the Airport)

2015 – One Dream One Korea (featuring Various Artists for One Dream One Korea Project

2016 – Spring Now (original soundtrack of Two Rooms, Two Nights)

2017 – Night And Day (featuring From the Airport)

Did Park Gyu-ri Do Plastic Surgery?

Recognized for her Western-like beauty, it is quite surprising that Park Gyu-ri is not mixed as she is truly a Korean by blood. Her beauty has also shown through ever since the pre debut, proving that she is an original beauty. Even so, is it true that Park Gyu-ri has not done anything to improve her already-pretty face?  Here we will compare the past and present pictures of Park Gyu-ri below.

After comparing her past and present time, it can be concluded that Park Gyu-ri did procedures to reshape her eyes sharper. Moreover, Park Gyu-ri also changed her nose bridge to be more pointy which goes well with the rest of her facial features. In the end, we must admit that the plastic surgery that Park Gyu-ri underwent was one of the best decisions that she has ever made as she totally lives up her nickname as a goddess.

Park Gyu-ri’s Net Worth

It was reported that in October 2014, that Park Gyu-ri has purchased two apartments in Seocho-gu, Bangbae-dong. Approximately, the price of the 11-story apartment building that Gyuri bought is $ 1 million, whereas the 6th-floor apartment was bought for $ 1.3 million. The ownership of these apartments is not only under Gyu-ri’s name but also her mother’s.

Park Gyu-ri also has revealed the appearance of her house when she was a guest cast of Mnet’s 4Thing. We can see that the house is pretty big especially that she lives alone.

Park Gyu-ri’s Bikini Pictures

At the time this article is being written, Park Gyu-ri has not shot any bikini pictorials, be it for album, magazine, or advertisement. However, we do find a photo in which she wears a black bra while posing with her friend.

Park Gyu-ri also became the talk of the town when she attended Dream Concert as the gown that she wore emphasized her bosoms. Moreover, Gyu-ri also looks gorgeous thanks to the styling of her black hair.

Park Gyu-ri’s Fashion Style

In the first picture, Park Gyu-ri attended the fan-sign event of KARA’s album by wearing a denim top which is paired up with the white denim pants. As for the accessories, Gyu-ri wears a black and white bracelet on her left wrist, a pair of tiny earrings, necklace, and a ring on her left index finger.

Park Gyu-ri looks innocent as she wears a white long blouse which is paired up with the purplish pink ruffled skirt. In addition, Gyu-ri wears a tiny necklace and ring on her third right finger.

Park Gyu-ri mesmerizes the public by wearing an ethnic blue and white dress which shows a tiny bit of the upper part of her arms. As for the accessories, Gyu-ri only wears a silver bracelet on her right wrist.

Park Gyu-ri bids the fans goodbye as she wears a loose black top with a white stripe pattern. Her feminine side is also shown as she wears the ­long bracelets which suits her slender wrist.

Park Gyu-ri welcomes the summer by wearing a black tank top which is paired up with white mini pants and a pair of black platform shoes. In addition, Gyu-ri also sports a black pouch bag on her right hand.

Park Gyu-ri arrived at the airport by wearing a dark blue dress which shows off her fit legs, as well as a pair of pale blue sneakers. Gyu-ri also brings a pale grey handbag in her left shoulder and umbrella on her left hand.

Park Gyu-ri is a stunning lady while wearing a pale pink ruffled gown which shows off her neckbone, as well as the black belt on her waist to emphasize her bosoms. A pair of dangling earrings also enhance Gyu-ri’s beauty, don’t you agree, dear readers?

Park Gyu-ri looks classy at a movie premiere as she wears a white long blouse which is paired up with the high waist pants. In addition, Gyu-ri also wears a tiny necklace, colorful bracelet on her left wrist, rings on her right index and third fingers, and black and yellow pouch bag on her right hand.

Park Gyu-ri is draped in a pair of green turquoise top and pants while attending a launching event of a fashion brand. Moreover, Gyu-ri also wears a pair of black high heels, biker jacket on her shoulder, rings on her right index and third fingers, and a gold purse on her left hand.

Finally, in the last picture, Park Gyu-ri is dressed in a long black inner top which is paired up with the grey long coat and black skinny pants. As for the accessories, Gyu-ri wears a pair of sunglasses and big black sling bag on her right shoulder.

Park Gyu-ri’s Hairstyle

Park Gyu-ri looks formal as her wine red hair is slicked to the back, showing off her forehead. At the same time, the rest of her short hair is straightened neatly to her shoulders.

We cannot deny that Park Gyu-ri looks exceptionally beautiful and resembles a foreigner when she dyes her hair blonde. The bright color also suits her facial features, making her appearance stand out.

Though far away, Park Gyu-ri poses in front of Eiffel tower with her ginger-brown hair. Her hairstyle does not look boring to look at as her long hair is curled, divided into three layers.

Park Gyu-ri looks graceful as her hair is slicked to the top whereas the fringes are slicked to the left. What’s more to dig Gyu-ri’s look in this photo is the strange pair of earrings that she wears.

Finally, in the last picture, Park Gyu-ri looks enchanting as her black hair is tied to the left side. We also can see the thickness of Gyu-ri’s hair volume on her right top side of her hair.

Park Gyu-ri’s Instagram Feed

Despite rarely appearing on the public these days, Park Gyu-ri still greets the fans through her Instagram account (@gyuri_88). Until this article being written, Park Gyu-ri has posted more than 860 posts, follows 109 accounts, and has 246,000 followers. Here are the top 10 of Park Gyu-ri’s Instagram Feed that you must see!

In the first post which was uploaded on August 11, 2018, Park Gyu-ri took two pictures of her trip in nature. On the caption, Park Gyu-ri wrote, ‘There is a chicken even in such a faraway place’.

In the second post which was uploaded on July 8, 2018, Park Gyu-ri promotes a product. On the caption, Park Gyu-ri wrote, ‘Enzim #Gongmi which my sister also use. Take care of your health’.

In the third post which was uploaded on June 22, 2018, Park Gyu-ri shared a picture with her friend while wearing the matching plain white shirt. On the caption, Park Gyu-ri wrote, ‘If you see me with my love, you will be pleased wherever you are’.

In the fourth post which was uploaded on May 21, 2018, Park Gyu-ri shared a cute picture of her winking while giving the finger heart. On the caption, Park Gyu-ri wrote, ‘Thank you for all the birthday wishes <3 I love my people’.

In the fifth post which was uploaded on May 30, 2018, Park Gyu-ri shared two selfies in front of the lawn under the sunlight. On the caption, Park Gyu-ri wrote, ‘My eyes are shining’.

In the sixth post which was uploaded on May 18, 2018, Park Gyu-ri is flawless in her white dress while wearing dangling earrings. On the caption, Park Gyu-ri wrote, ‘#ChunsaFilmFestival I became an MC, coming to see you 🙂 see you tomorrow my people <3’.

In the seventh post which was uploaded on April 30, 2018, Park Gyu-ri took a candid photo in front of a pink house while wearing the white blouse and black and white high waisted skirt. On the caption, Park Gyu-ri wrote, ‘The wind is blowing strongly but I believe it is a good spring wind’.

In the eighth post which was uploaded on April 19, 2018, Park Gyu-ri posed in a cheery smile while wearing the flowery purple blouse. On the caption, Park Gyu-ri wrote, ‘See you my people on 5/19 #fanmeeting  I want to see you I love you..’

In the ninth post which was uploaded on April 15, 2018, Park Gyu-ri is dressed warmly in a huge coat in front of the ocean. On the caption, Park Gyu-ri wrote, ‘It is so cool to go out by the boat… Throw away everything to the sea’.

Finally, in the last post which was uploaded on March 25, 2018, Park Gyu-ri took a selfie in front of a sakura tree while wrapped up in a denim jacket and inner blouse. On the caption, Park Gyuri wrote, ‘The spring is so warm here’.